Perfume Review : Adjatay From The Different Company : Leather Nirvana

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Adjatay was a last minute discovery before I left Esxence in Milan to go back home. I’m happy I made that final stop as it was one of the perfumes I loved most from the show. The Different Company,  created by Jean-Claude Ellena and Thierry de Baschmakoff fifteen years ago is now helmed by Luc Gabriel. A commemorative perfume, Le 15 was released last year to celebrate the milestone and  was signed by Alexandra Monet, who has now conjured a leather to love with the exotic sounding Adjatay.

“I brought this tuberose flower back from Grasse and forgot her in an unpretentious leather bag. She refused to give in and for days her stubborn warmth strived to bring the leathery silky animal notes of my worn out bag back to life.” (Luc Gabriel)

Adjatay EDP : Nose : Alexandra Monet : Year : 2016 : Notes : Top : Ylang ylang, mandarin : Middle : Tuberose, jasmine, heliotrope : Base : Castoreum, styrex, papyrus, tonka bean, sandalwood, musk.


Adjatay runs soft and loud like Nirvana‘s grunge classic Smells Like Teen Spirit. Nirvana actually nabbed this trick from The Pixies but all the same it’s an effective ruse. Adjatay has a silky soft ylang ylang at the opening that instantly endears. It is a little sweet, with a light candied effect but far from anything too gourmand so don’t fret sweetie phobics. However a few minutes in Adjatay literally explodes and comes to life. Tuberose takes the lead in the entanglement with a leathery effect that veers to the dark side, yet is not overly heavy or stifling. It’s more textured than a suede like effect, although it’s not a full blown masculine styled leather and steers away from a hardcore interpretation. The interplay between the leather and florals is alluring and plays out loud and soft, tender and rough. The leathery effect has a slightly smoky, grungy feel at times and becomes more sensual and definitely a little sexy before settling down to a well worn, played out harmony. Adjatay imparts a sense of something weathered yet still twinkles with life.

Do you need to like tuberose and leather to wear this perfume? Both can be tricky for perfume lovers. Well neither representations of these materials are on the hardcore side here, so I think this could be one to try for those who like their leathers in theory but find them more difficult to wear in reality. The same goes for the tuberose. Adjatay made me curious about The Different Company as I really loved I Miss Violet from last year as well. Adjatay is definitely a more carnal scent, bringing on the night to I Miss Violet‘s day but both are modern, easy to wear perfumes with enough of a twist to give a sense of teen spirit. These perfumes are solid, not avant-garde or arty experimental, yet have interesting quirks that are well worth a try.

The Low Down : Loud and soft, tender and rugged this is a sensual tuberose and leather perfume to play with your senses. 

Read more about Adjatay on : Colognoisseur and Bleauog  

For where to purchase : Please see The Different Company website for further details. A 100ml bottle is priced at 155 Euro. 

Notes : Images : Featured Image : Edie Campbell for Louis Vuitton by Steven Meisel : Other image : The Different Company 

DisclaimerSample received from The Different Company. Opinions my own. 


9 thoughts on “Perfume Review : Adjatay From The Different Company : Leather Nirvana”

  1. Oh I say, I rather like the sound of this new scent – you have vividly conjured up its novelty and quirky sensuality. Even the name is a bit off the wall. ‘I Miss Violet’ was pretty but didn’t move me as I had hoped, though it is perfect as a day scent, I agree. Adjatay is more likely to stir people on some level – and if the leather is not too ‘saddle bag’-y I’m hopeful I’d be fine with the overall effect.;)


    • Hi Vanessa -nice to see you here. This has a little more oomph that I Miss Violet – I think I was excited to like that one because I’m not a huge violet fan and the more I wore it and ran my sample dry the more I liked it. Adjatay is not uber strong and not too saddle bag like. TDC describe it as narcotic but I think that’s slightly too strong a sentiment for this perfume. It doesn’t give me that ‘eyes roll back’ reflex but it feels to me like a leather and floral that I could wear easily, more frequently, as for some reason the more narcotic perfumes I tend to save up for a special event that often doesn’t arrive!


  2. Sun Mi says:

    This one sounds really interesting to me. When I first got into perfumes last year, tuberose was a note I was immediately drawn to – only to find that I loved the smell, but tired of it on skin. I haven’t worn hardly any tuberose in a while. And leather – well I’ve mentioned before – I struggle with it as a note because a lot of leathers turn so medicinal on me. But I wonder about them together – I wonder if I could love it!


    • Hey Sun Mi – maybe this could be a leather and tuberose for you. It’s not too strong and actually often on me I don’t really think in my head that I’m wearing a leather or a tuberose perfume per se. The tuberose is not screechy or forceful. I think it tends more to a natural interpretation and the leather isn’t that medicinal in style. This could work …. maybe

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  3. poodle says:

    So this has more oomph than I Miss Violet? I really liked that one and was considering saving my pennies for a bottle but now you really have me thinking this might be more my speed.


    • Yes it does but still far from Middle Eastern oomph. So not in that league. It’s not quite as smooth as I Miss Violet either but definitely worth trying.


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