Perfume Review : Amatys from Nabucco : Perfume Fit For A Queen

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Nabucco is a word of mouth perfume house (and an Italian opera by Verdi). There are three perfumes in the collection – Amatys, Nabucco and LOV. The first two fragrances were released way back in 2007, so you can’t accuse this brand of a tsunami of fast fashion like releases. Nabucco take their time. These are perfumes to savour, enjoy and revel in. Exotic with a side dish of erotic is how I see the Nabucco range.

Nabucco perfumes are  beguiling and alluring. They are labelled Parfums Fin and are alcohol free, with a high concentration of perfume oils. It seems like they have been transported to our digital age from a long forgotten past. The texture of the oil has a richness and density with an overtly sensuous aspect. These are perfume oils to anoint skin and flesh. There’s a sense of long forgotten ritual in wearing Nabucco scents. As the perfumes delicately drop on skin, it feels like a gentle caress. This is a special moment, not one to be rushed or taken lightly.

In the age of over sharing Nabucco remains hidden under a cloak of whispers and hidden desires. Nabucco is a house of mystery and the lack of noise about the house does lend an air of intrigue. There aren’t a huge number of reviews on Nabucco’s perfumes even though the house has been around for quite some time.  This is no doubt due to the limited distribution and pricing. These perfumes are  expensive, so may prove a challenge for those of us with slim wallets. I’m just lucky enough to be able to try these scents via a friend and pass on my experience as I do think they deserve wider attention. The website is also rather cryptic and otherworldly, as if it’s deliberately trying to obfuscate, however this depends on why you are visiting. If you’re seeking facts you will likely have the same reaction to me. If you’re searching for something else well you may have a beautiful experience and get lost in the matrix.

Amatys  : Nose : ??? : Year : 1997 : Notes : Top : Almond, coriander and heliotrope : Middle : Vanilla, jasmine, honey and patchouli : Base: Violet, blonde woods, musk, amber and praline

Amatys Nabucco Megan In Sainte Maxime

Let’s start with Amatys, a perfume inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, that King Nebuchadnezzar dedicated to the memory of his wife Amyitis, or Amytis (according to Wikipedia). This perfume is easily my favourite of the three and if this ever dropped into my lap I would be blissfuly  happy. It is designed to be worn on female skin but I don’t see why brave men wouldn’t wear this too.

This is a an uber luxe gourmand. You know gourmands have a bad name. They’re likened to fluffy pop music, considered frivolous and some may say are for people with a lack of refinement or for teenagers. Well I tend to disagree as I like to mix it up in literature, music and perfume. There’s always a role for something sweet in my perfume wardrobe, especially when it is this majestic, thick and viscous. Amatys takes my desires to quite another level.

Amatys is a regal Queen Cleopatra of a perfume. It emanates a golden glowing warmth as it slinks across my skin with a delectable gourmand sweetness. There’s a delicious hint of almond and heliotrope before the prominent vanilla heart takes flight with touches of jasmine and honey. The praline rather than smelling super candy like, has a natural scent that doesn’t smell forced and a light musky ambered base rounds out the scent. Everything blends seamlessly in this oil, there are no sharp tweaks or sharply synthetic woody bases. It is rather a strong scent at first but the sillage softens considerably, yet is tenacious and stays on skin for a surprisingly long time. There’s nothing cold about this perfume and I suspect this is why I like it.

I immediately thought of Cleopatra when I wore this perfume. I imagined her scenting the barge on the river Cydnus as she journeys to meet Marc Antony for the first time. This is what Plutarch (Greek historian who wrote a history of Marc Antony in the first century) wrote about the journey.

…”she came sailing up the river Cydnus in a barge with gilded stern and outspread sails of purple, while oars of silver beat time to the music of flutes and fifes and harps. She herself lay all along, under a canopy of cloth of gold, dressed as Venus in a picture, and beautiful young boys, like painted Cupids, stood on each side to fan her. Her maids were dressed like Sea Nymphs and Graces, some steering at the rudder, some working at the ropes. … perfumes diffused themselves from the vessel to the shore, which was covered with multitudes, part following the galley up the river on either bank, part running out of the city to see the sight.” (From Plutarch, taken from

Elizabeth Taylor‘s portrayal of the Queen in the 1963 mega budget and chronically over long film is how I envisage Cleopatra. The famed Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton off-screen affair just seems to add fire to the seduction element. Let’s imagine Liz wore something as beautiful as Amatys when her and Burton caused havoc on set.

Amatys Fragrantica

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the gorgeous hand crafted bottles the perfumes are housed in. There are three sizes – the 5ml amulet, the door (20ml) and vessel (60ml). This is a nicely styled bling, not tacky or ridiculously over the top.

Modern day killer Queens will want to adorn themselves with these perfumes whenever they choose … if they can track them down. Reviews on Nabucco and LOV to come.

The Lowdown An uber luxe divine smelling gourmand perfume plumped with vanilla, almond, praline and other delectable goodies 

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For where to purchase : The perfumes are available on the First In Fragrance site and other locations including Paris 8 in Monaco, Tanagra in Nice and Sens Unique in Paris. The 20 ml is priced at 239 Euro, the 60ml is 420 Euro and sample drops are available for 21 Euro.  There is also an amulet size that is 149 Euro for 5ml although it is not available on the First In Fragrance site. 

Notes : Images : Featured Image from : Amatys amulet from Megan In Sainte Maxime : Flacons from Fragrantica 

Disclaimer :  Sample borrowed from a friend. Opinions my own.