Esxence 2016 Update : Perfume Writing People

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Hello perfume people. I thought I’d start out by showing these gorgeous flowers – iris of course at the Masque stand. This was one of my favourite places, they had a great space this year, but more to come on their new fragrance L’Attesa.

And of course let’s start with the people. I didn’t capture photos with everyone I met but here’s a montage of faces. The perfume folks are a great bunch and I’m kicking off with perfume writers – those who I met and some that I caught brief glimpses of.

I spied author and perfume critic Luca Turin having a sniff of one of the Nicolai perfumes – Patricia Nicolai is in the red jacket. No doubt it was the new Oud Sublime featuring real Cambodian oud. The original Bad Girl Sarah Colton, an American journalist based in Paris had a book launch for her ‘Bad Girls Perfume‘ at Esxence. A light-hearted and witty take on perfume, she assures me that it’s only a two-hour read. Perfect. I was also rather chuffed to see Megan In Sainte Maxime mentioned at the back as a blog to read! Thanks Sarah.

The blogger The Perfume Magpie who illustrates her perfume writing beautifully was in attendance and is pictured with Chemist In The Bottle. I had a quick chat with scientist and perfume writer Mark Behnke aka Colognoisseur who gave me a hot tip to visit The Different Company to try their gorgeous new scent Adjatay, and had lunch and sniffing time with Lucas from Chemist In The Bottle.  The final photo is of myself and Ermano Picco who is behind the blog La gardenia nell’occhielo. I also said hi to Michelyn Camen from Ca Fleure Bon and spied many Fragrantica writers there as well. They always have a large team at the show.

Come back to visit for plenty more photos and updates on perfumers, new discoveries and favourites.

Luca Turin and Nicolai

Sarah Colton

Yukiko Perfume Magpie

Mark and Lucas

Ermano and Me

Notes : All photos by Megan In Sainte Maxime, except I do believe that renegade perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour took the photo of Ermano and myself and Mert Guzel from Nishane is responsible for the photo with The Perfume Magpie

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  1. It was great to spend time with you again and with the others. Lucky you for having a mention in Sarah’s new book!


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