The Smell Of Conscience And Lying According to Frank Underwood

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“Conscience has an unmistakable stink to it, sort of like raw onions and morning breath, but a lie stinks even more when it’s coming from someone who isn’t used to lying.  It’s more like rotten eggs and horse shit.” (Frank Underwood played by Kevin Spacey)

From House Of Cards, Season 4, Episode 7.

4 thoughts on “The Smell Of Conscience And Lying According to Frank Underwood”

  1. Indeed lying has a stink to it – as well as destroying trust it leaves a bad taste in the mouth and the atmosphere between two people. It is one of the things i hate most – especially when i know it is indeed a lie being told …… can you tell i speak from experience and disgust! *wry smile*


    • Hey there. Obviously you’re not talking about the day to day stretching of the truth or being polite and not saying exactly what you mean!! Have you watched House of Cards?


  2. poodle says:

    I’m way behind with this show. We watched season one and then the first episode of season two and then life got in the way or there were too many sports on TV. I’m not sure which. I love Kevin Spacey. He’s such a good actor.


    • Hey Poodle – you should catch up if you can. In my opinion Season 1 and 4 are the best. Season 4 is totally over the top. Spacey is incredible and Robin Wright is the queen bitch. X


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