Perfume Review : Shell Beach from July of St Barth : Summer Is Coming

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Recently I met Juliette Espinasse – Dubois from July Of St Barth to learn more about her perfume range. Juliette is an avid collector of perfumes, with over 20,000 bottles (I think I heard that correctly) and spends time between the French and Italian Riviera. St Barth is her beachy lifestyle brand with an array of products including hats, jewellery, shoes, toiletries and now perfumes.

Shell BeachJuly of St Barth‘s first release in 2014 is named after Juliette’s favourite beach in St Barth’s. It was joined by Oud Mysterieux (woody), Patchouli Forever (ambered patchouli), Roseraie Francaise (light rose) and Musk Gourmand (fruity musk) late last year. Juliette’s desire is to create classic, chic perfumes in the lifestyle category, rather than to create a niche perfume brand.

Shell Beach EDP : Nose : Jean François Latty : Year : 2014 : Notes : Grapefruit, Lemon, Bergamot, Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Vanilla, Patchouli, White Musk

Shell Beach, the first perfume in the range  is my favourite. The perfumer is Jean François Latty who also makes the gorgeous classic, yet never boring French Teo Cabanel perfumes. Shell Beach is a laid back beachy fruity floral. It’s one of those fresh, sun-kissed scents that transports you straight to summer. It’s an easy wear that will take you from beach afternoon to the evening as the humidity hits (with healthy spritzing). If you don’t like anything vaguely fruity floral then this probably won’t be for you.

A giant squeeze of palatable grapefruit (the strongest player in the opening) is eventually overtaken by a succulent orange blossom with enough potency to entice, before it deepens with the addition of a flirty jasmine. The vanilla tenderly wraps the florals while the white musks amplify the fragrance somewhat. The patchouli is only just noticeable. The opening is lovely and my favourite part, as I’m starting to enjoy the smell of grapefruit and this lingers for a while. I only discovered the grapefruit  buzz when I lathered myself with Terre d’Hermes L’Eau Très Fraiche last summer when it was sickeningly hot. That fresh hit of sour fruit always cooled me down and I started to crave the scent, although like Shell Beach it quietens a little too quickly for my tastes. I tested Shell Beach with a dab vial and needed to smear a healthy dose to make it last. Hopefully spraying from the bottle will do the trick but I would recommend exuberant spritzing.

This is a fun and flirty scent that evokes summer months. It’s uncomplicated in tone and mood. While Jean François Latty is the nose, Shell Beach is not that similar to the perfumes he creates in the Teo Cabanel line. I find that they are more full-bodied, serious-minded and more voluptuous in general. Shell Beach is carefree and bright with a young at heart feel. The perfect perfume to match kaftan lounging with a glass of rose or a pastis – or whatever your choice of poison.

The Low Down : A laid back fruity floral best suited to the summer months aided by a cocktail in hand.

Read more about Shell Beach on : I couldn’t locate a review with a quick search.

For where to purchase : Please see the St Barth for further details. The perfume is available in a 30ml (49 Euro) and 100ml (95 Euro) size. A sample set of all five perfumes can be purchased for 15 Euro. Shell Beach is also for sale on the Beauty Habit website.

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Disclosure : Sample was a gift with purchase from my local perfume store.  Opinions my own.