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How often do you read about a new perfume house when every fragrance seems to hit the spot for perfume lovers? Well not that often in fact. If as a small brand you can continue on this trajectory it’s pretty impressive. Many bloggers have praised Hiram Green‘s perfumes and suffice to say I’ve wanted to try his scents for a while now. I like the fact that they’re all natural fragrances done well and I’m also drawn to his presentation. The bottles are low-key and appealing and if you peruse his website it’s extremely well executed with a beautiful design. Hiram Green released Moon Bloom to critical acclaim and followed this up with Shangri – La – another winner.  I haven’t actually tried these two perfumes however I have sampled his latest limited edition release Voyage. This is a limited edition of only 250 bottles and I love it. If you like perfumes with a vanilla leaning, then add Voyage to your list.

Voyage : Nose : Hiram Green : Year : 2015 : Notes : Citrus, amber, suede, vanilla (from Hiram Green website)

“An ode to the exotic mysteries of India, our new fragrance is as atmospheric and thrilling as a Mysore street market and as opulent as Octopussy’s floating palace on Lake Pichola” (Hiram Green website)

I’ll start by saying that I thought it was one of the best perfumes of 2015. As I’ve had cold after cold this year I’ve  had a lot of difficulty smelling anything so this has taken me quite a while to review. Voyage is one of those scents that immediately hooks from first sniff and then holds on tightly to its departure. I never felt bored wearing this. What Voyage delivered for me was a lot of pleasure and an all encompassing lushness, with a keen sense of anticipation for the next twist and turn. Think of that moment when feet touch the tarmac, ready to embark on a new adventure. I also kept repeating to myself that I couldn’t believe it was a natural fragrance. Not that I think natural perfumes are bad per se. It’s just that they often don’t hold my attention and there’s something a little muddled or they walk a line that’s too straight. Voyage though is an exception along with the perfumes from Richard Luscher Britos that I’m a fan of.

Voyage opens with a citrus burst but it’s not a light splash, there’s potency behind this kick with a dense rather than sheer texture.   Then everything hits me at once. There’s a smidgen of spice here (and I’m not sure what exactly it is but perhaps a sprinkle of cinnamon?) It feels most like a natural perfume at this stage with its melange of activity.  A gorgeous suede and amber take over and ground the perfume. But it’s the vanilla that takes charge here. It’s rather sweet at first with a kind of  plastic vibe at times, then it smooths out and the face the strange part disappears. The vanilla becomes warmer as it wears. It’s lightly spiced, very creamy and really kicks ass in this perfume. Yes it’s good.

To my nose, Voyage is reminiscent of the Queen Bee Shalimar in its ambience and the way it shifts and moves. The citrus to ambered leather and then that beautiful vanilla dry down. Now my Shalimar is not a vintage version, it was purchased fairly recently but I have to say that when I sprayed both at the same time, Voyage stays on my skin longer than my EDP version and also has a stronger sillage. Let’s also not forget that this is a natural perfume, so that is quite an accomplishment and puts to rest all the mutterings of fade away natural concoctions.

Although the perfume is inspired by India, I love the other image Hiram has used for this perfume – the peacock. This fits with how I see Voyage. It’s a peacock that changes colour and tone, with a sparkle of flair, that is totally self-assured.  Peacocks like to strut and bedazzle. Voyage doesn’t shy away from this either. It sparkles up top and projects a calm confidence from first spray. The vanilla dry down is  more delicious as it stays on skin and really is one hell of a thrill.  Lovely stuff.

The Low Down : Voyage will take you to a spiced suede vanilla heaven.  

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For where to purchase : Please see the Hiram Green website for further details. A 50ml bottle is 135 Euro, although it’s a limited edition so be in quick. 

Notes : Images : Megan In Sainte Maxime photo of Hiram Green card.    

Disclosure : Sample gratefully received from Hiram Green. Opinions my own. 

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  1. Hamamelis says:

    Hi Mega, glad you found a fragrance that is cold proof. It is another shared love, Vogage is a gem. The interesting thing is I mailed Hiram Green and he replied that one of the main ingredients is lavender!


    • Hi Hamamelis. Thanks for reading. Wow – lavender. I need to smell it again. I do love lavender though so this is a good thing. Glad to have another shared love.


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