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Puredistance is a Dutch perfume house founded by Jan Ewoud Vos with quality perfume and packaging in its sights. I had the good fortune to meet the Puredistance team at Esxence and Pitti Fragranze last year. They are a great group of people who are clearly passionate about their brand and I like their style. There’s no bling here, there’s a sleek design element, yet not too much so. I think they’ve got their balance bang on. The perfumes are expensive, but worth saving for, and they have multiple size options.

puredistance samples

Recently I was happy to receive a boxed set of Puredistance samples. I’d long admired  White but hadn’t yet written about it. This was the perfect reminder to get cracking. I’ve worn it a few times recently and it was my perfume of choice for Christmas Day. It proved a safe bet and kept me scented throughout the day and well into the evening.

White Extrait de Parfum Nose : Antoine Lie : Year : 2015 : Notes Ingredients: Rose de Mai from France, Tonka bean absolute from Venezuela, Orris absolute from Italy, Sandalwood from Mysore, Bergamot from Italy, Musk, Vetyver from Haiti and Patchouli from Indonesia.

“The main idea behind the creation of Puredistance WHITE Perfume has been to create a perfume so beautiful and positive that it gives the wearer an instant flow of happiness. We asked Master Perfumer Antoine Lie (who also created Puredistance BLACK for us) to create a white and golden dream; an intimate escape from harsh reality. It took Antoine Lie one year to complete the magic formula, using the best and most expensive ingredients in the world. The result is a one-of-a-kind perfume made to enhance your mood through intense, but comforting beauty – if you like it, a warm and natural happiness will be yours!” (Puredistance)

Puredistance has five other perfumes in its collection including the sumptuous leathery M created by impressario Roja Dove and Antonia, an enchanting green floral from Annie Buzantian. White is actually the first perfume that I tried from the house and is my favourite in the range.  Most reviews are kind to this perfume, although not all like the musk that I presume is amped up on some skins. At times the musk is prominent and at other times not at all. I like it either way. Above all White smells good. There are no strange otherworldly elements. If you’re looking for intrigue and danger you won’t find it here.

the orb little fluffy clouds edit

White is one of those perfumes that exudes little fluffy clouds of ethereal goodness. Not only am I transported back in time and listening to the classic Orb track with Rickie Lee Jones reminiscing about her childhood skies in Arizona, I’m also seeing cute cherubs with trumpets bouncing on those puffs of white marshmallow cloud. White is lovely when it opens but just gets better as it wears on skin.  There is a delicate whiff of bergamot and a pretty rather than dark rose that initially steals the show. However the best is to come as White transitions to an orris, tonka and sandalwood beauty. Now it’s a gorgeous soft, pillowy bed that you could lose yourself in, hiding away from the world, revelling in the stolen moment.

White feels lush, elegant and is ever-present although it’s not a heavy scent. There is also a clean, scrubbed up aspect that in other perfumes could annoy, however it just makes perfect sense here. What makes this perfume stand out for me is how good I feel wearing it. I know this may sound a little corny but I always feel lit up when I have the pleasure of wearing this perfume. White could well be the perfect bridal scent too. It’s long-lasting with a 38% concentration of perfume oil that remains on skin for over eight hours.

The Low Down : An exquisite fluffy white cloud of a perfume with a gorgeous sandalwood dry down that will bring a smile to your face. 

Read more about White on : The Scented Hound and Chemist In A Bottle 

For where to purchase : Please see the Puredistance website for further details. The perfume is available in 17.5ml for 175 Euro, 60ml for 295 Euro and 100ml for 490 Euro. The website currently has a promotion on their sample set. It contains 2ml samples of each perfume and you can purchase 3 x sets for 125 Euro. The regular price is 69 Euro per sample set. 

DisclaimerSample gratefully received from Puredistance. Opinions my own. 

Notes : Images :  Featured Image from Puredistance, photo of samples by Megan In Sainte Maxime and record cover from The Orb 

12 thoughts on “Perfume Review : White From Puredistance : Little Fluffy Clouds”

  1. Ahhhh. my love. I can’t get enough of this gorgeous scent. You made me happy for writing such lovely things about it and for the fabulous link love 🙂


  2. I adored White. Totally gorgeous – just the right amount of sweetness, a beautiful ‘clean’ scent – smooth as a baby’s bottom -an olfactory delight. My nose was glued to my arm when i tested this and i smiled a lot. There was something there that reminded me of a long gone happy time – i need to test again and see what comes up for me. I love how you associate Little fluffy clouds with this – perfect! Ps – i’m eating pink and white marshmallows as i read your review!


  3. Sun Mi says:

    These all sound amazing. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to sample something from this house!


    • Hi Sun Mi. These are definitely worth sampling. I’m sure that STC and the other sites have samples of these. I’m living off the samples of these myself but White is the one I’m running out of.


  4. poodle says:

    I was dying to try this one. I finally got a sample and well…it’s gotta be a skin thing. I’m debating whether or not to do a review on it. M made me swoon but White, not so much. I’ve gotten two somewhat different experiences out of it but neither are anything like any reviews I’ve read so I know it’s just me. I’m going to try it one more time and see what happens. I know with me there are those unknown variables that factor in like hormones, weather, skin, etc. so I always try perfumes a few times before reviewing but my initial results indicate that White is not for me. 😦


    • Hi Poodle. Well sometimes you know it’s not for you after two tries. Sounds like M is the better perfume for you. And White and M are pretty much opposites I think. Oh well, less money spent!


  5. I love White and I think I’ll end up getting a bottle of it eventually. And I agree with you that it would be a great wedding scent: it’s a happy perfume, not heavy but with a presence.


    • Hi Undina. White has a few fans I see. It’s really gorgeous and yes happy is how I see it too. For once the marketing is spot on and when my samples run out I’m thinking of buying one too (the small size).

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