The Top 5 Serge Lutens Perfumes for the Festive Season


Megan In Sainte Maxime

I noticed that this seasonally appropriate perfume piece from a year ago (one of my first posts) was getting a few views again so I decided to repost it et voilà here it is for more recent readers …

I love lists so here’s my first one for this blog. This is a list of five perfumes that I think are a perfect match for the Christmas season. These recommendations are for the Northern Hemisphere or anywhere else where the weather is quite frankly not the best. We don’t often see snow in Sainte Maxime although it made its presence known for just over a day, the first December I spent here.  This is the slightly bizarre image of snow covering the palm trees in the garden.


I’ve selected five from Serge Lutens as this is one of my favourite and first discovered niche perfume houses.  It offers a great range of scents that…

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3 thoughts on “The Top 5 Serge Lutens Perfumes for the Festive Season”

  1. poodle says:

    Wow. Great minds think alike! I just did a similar post on this line on APJ. I had never seen your original post. Great choices. We both picked Arabie and Filles en Aiguilles. If I had known you had already done this I would have taken a different approach to mine. Oh well, it just goes to show you that Serge really has winter and Christmas covered with his perfumes.


    • Hey Poodle. I need to check yours again! We both like Lutens and I agree he has Xmas totally covered. Am wearing Une Fille de Berlin today and like this in colder weather too. So many good perfumes. By the way do you struggle with his recent releases?? I’m hoping he does another good release in the regular line. Une Fille de Berlin was the last really good one I think. X x x and Merry Xmas


      • poodle says:

        I haven’t smelled all the recent things but the ones I’ve tried I haven’t been wowed by. Une Fille de Berlin was the last one I was willing to buy a bottle of too.
        I’m sure we’ll touch base before then but if we don’t, Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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