Sunday Ramblings : New Christmas Song Alert : Bill Murray Does A Spot of Singing on New Phoenix Track

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I’m trying not to watch Bill Murray‘s new Christmas film, A Very Murray Xmas on Netflix until closer to the actual day in question. I’m not entirely confident that my willpower will suffice though. There’s just something about him that I have always found strangely compelling, even in his pre Wes Anderson days. I still have great memories of Ghostbusters that we used to watch on video over and over again in the 80’s.

To tide things over, here’s a new sample of his singing voice that you may previously have heard when he laid down his karaoke version of Roxy Music‘s More Than This in the film Lost In TranslationSofia Coppola has again directed him in this Christmas special and has enlisted her husband’s band Phoenix to do a track. Phoenix have covered Alone On Christmas Day, an unreleased Beach Boys song from 1979. Jason Schwartzman, David Johansen (New York Dolls) and Paul Shaffer are also included in this one. 

Here’s the tune. All profits go to Unicef.