New Perfume Review : Hedonist Cassis from Viktoria Minya : Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

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Cassis is a note that I’m not overly familiar with in perfume but I was keen to smell Viktoria Minya’s interpretation in recently released Hedonist Cassis. She created Hedonist one of the most beautiful fragrances of 2013, a boozy peach of a perfume and the first in her collection. Her follow ups have also been top notch, particularly Hedonist Rose and Eau de Hongrie. Generally speaking the Hedonist offshoots have quieter personalities with a subtle sheen shading their scents. Eau de Hongrie bears more similarity to the original Hedonist and may satisfy those who found the original a little over the top. With the addition of Hedonist Cassis, Viktoria Minya has a lovely collection on her hands illustrating that she’s definitely one to watch as her work continues to evolve.

Hedonist Cassis EDPNose : Viktoria Minya : Year : 2015 : Notes : Top : Green grass : Middle : Cassis, Rose : Base : Cedar, Incense

Cassis Jam

Cassis / blackcurrant in my mind is associated with jam and one of my favourite summer cocktails, the Kir Royale. A simple but effective combination of champagne with crème de cassis that I’ve downed more than a few times. In perfumery, the bud or the leaves can be used and the odor profile is tangy and fruity. There is also an unfortunate cat pee association with blackcurrant but thankfully there’s none in evidence here. Blackcurrant absolute is known to work well with rose and this is one of the routes Viktoria Minya has taken in her interpretation of the note.

The Viktoria Minya website reveals that Hedonist Cassis is :

“An ethereal perfume with the tartness of blackcurrant absolute that captures youth and eternal freedom. A combination of dewy Bulgarian rose and fresh cut grass creates a harmonious blend with cedarwood and incense, to mesmerize and enchant the wearer.”

Hedonist Cassis Viktoria Minya

I’d say this description is accurate.  It does feel ethereal, as well as youthful and optimistic. There’s a clean, dewy grass freshness in the opening and straight away you can sense that this new addition shares an affinity with Hedonist Rose and Hedonist Iris rather than the voluptuous original. The freshness transitions to a delicate sweetness from the blackcurrant and Bulgarian rose, that makes me think that my love for blackcurrant may not be restricted to jam and cocktails. The two notes seamlessly intertwine and manifest as a gentle, hazy  lilac and pink coloured wash of scent. A tartness in the blackcurrant is present but also a little juiciness too.  The perfume then shifts and warms as a glossy cedar adds a languid depth.   Hedonist Cassis stays on my skin for around 4 -5 hours.

I haven’t tried many blackcurrant perfumes but The Enchanted Forest from The Vagabond Prince has a prominent blackcurrant note and in comparison is more woody, natural and outdoors smelling. Stylistically  I’m reminded more of L’Artisan Parfumeur‘s classic Mûre et Musc. They’re not similar by any means but they share a fruity profile with a slight tartness wrapped in sweetness and a youthful,  carefree vibe.

Helena Bonham Carter Blog

Hedonist Cassis is a very dreamy fruity floral but in a lighter style than I would usually wear, however I really enjoyed it on skin. For all of its youthful appeal, there’s a sensuousness to this scent that becomes apparent on further wearings. If you like how Hedonist Iris plays out on skin, this is another from the line that you may also have a craving for. It might even elicit delicious daydreaming.

The Low Down : A light, ethereal take on cassis with a youthful shimmer that belies a subtle sensuousness. Unabashedly feminine and pretty. 

Read more about Hedonist Cassis onChemist In The Bottle 

For where to purchase : Please see the Viktoria Minya website for further details. Samples can be purchased for 5 Euro each or a sample set of all 5 perfumes for 19 Euro. A bottle of Hedonist Cassis  is  155 Euro for 45ml and a sample set comes with purchase. 

Notes : Images : Featured images by Tim Walker : Hedonist Cassis from the Viktoria Minya website.  Cassis jam by Megan In Sainte Maxime

Disclosure : This review was based on a sample I purchased.

6 thoughts on “New Perfume Review : Hedonist Cassis from Viktoria Minya : Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)”

  1. Your description of this scent is so captivating! Suits the artwork very much indeed; from the image I would think the smell is very dusky, cool, dreamy, free, magical and vintage 🙂


    • Thank you. Yes it is a lovely scent and I adore that Tim Walker photo in the boat. I thought it captured the essence of the scent really well. If you like this style of perfume it’s a good one to try.


  2. I should try this perfume since I love black currant note in perfumery (BTW, you misspoke a couple of times in the post calling it blackberry). Enchanted Forrest so far was the best implementation of black currant note for me but I wouldn’t mind finding an additional take on it (and the bottle is so beautiful!).


    • Hi Undina. Thanks for pointing out the blackberry mistakes. Corrected. These bottles are so gorgeous and I didn’t think I was a fan of the note but I really liked the perfume. I seem to like most of her work though so it didn’t surprise me. I thought of you when I smelt this as I remember a post you wrote where you were hunting for the perfect black currant perfume.


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