New Perfume Review : Vanille d’Iris By Ormonde Jayne : Butter Wouldn’t Melt

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Some stands at Pitti Fragranze back in September were working a brisk trade. Ormonde Jayne was  one of these.  Linda Pilkington the founder of the perfume house was simply buzzing about the launch of her new perfume Vanille d’Iris. She explained that it was one of her most accomplished releases and the orris absolute was of a very high  quality. When I first smelt it at Pitti it was the rich, buttery smooth texture that stood out for me but I knew I needed to spend more time with it to see how it held up after repeated wears.

The Ormonde Jayne range of perfumes are created by Linda Pilkington and perfumer Geza Schoen. I’m rather fond of the floral orientals in the collection – Ta’if, Tolu and Orris Noir more so than the others in the range. Now Vanille d’Iris has joined her covetable collection in the afore mentioned category.

Linda Pilkington

Geza Schoen is primarily known for his Molecule 01 perfume, which has been LA based perfume retailer Lucky Scent’s biggest seller for the past six years (read up on the Lucky Scent vs Jovoy face off here).  He is also behind The Beautiful Mind series – read here for my review of his Volume 2 Precision & Grace.

Vanille d’IrisNose Geza Schoen : Year : 2015 : Notes : Top: Coriander seed, Sicilian bergamot, carrot seed, pink pepper : Heart: Orris absolute, Jasmine absolute, Magnolia bud oil, Osmanthus : Base : Vanilla extract, Tahitian vanilla bud, Cedar wood, Vetiver, Amber, Musk

Vanille d’Iris is one of my favourite perfumes from Pitti Fragranze. I’ve returned to it again and again for its uplifting and elegant qualities. The scent simply tricks me into feeling beautiful. It has a knack of lending  me an air that is not quite my own. I feel dressed up, more poised and put together than I am in reality. It has the air of a luxe product and this isn’t always true of niche perfumes that make such claims.

The opening comes across as lemony to me (although this isn’t mentioned in the notes) with a tiny dose of carrot and pink pepper that doesn’t outstay its welcome. It’s pretty and fresh but that gorgeous orris crashes in on foam peaked waves and takes out everything in its wake. When Pilkington talked about the orris, she said it was extremely pricey and you’ll be able to feel this on skin. It’s beautifully delivered here. Don’t think rooty iris or powdered iris as Vanille d’Iris is neither of these.  It’s smooth, creamy and buttery. I adore it, and if like me you have taken your time to discover the hidden depths of the iris, then this perfume may be the short cut to experiencing one you’ll love.



The vanilla  plays back up to the iris and is a much more demure take on a note that plays out in all sorts of tones and shades in the perfume world. Here Ormonde Jayne have replicated the brown sugar smell of the vanilla pod and it is a lovely rendition. The final act ushers in a woody  dry down with cedar and vetiver wrapped in a musky base.

Vanille d’Iris evokes pale shades of beige and silken creams with a very smooth texture. If this was a fabric it would be smooth cashmere or the lightest leather imaginable that drapes on skin and nearly melds into it. It has an uncomplicated feel that brings to mind a pared back look, rather than layer upon layer of clothing. Steven Meisel’s photographs of Kate Winslet as Catherine Deneuve‘s Belle de Jour portray this perfume for me. It’s sleek and elegant with a coolness to its allure. Vanille d’Iris  transports me to a more gilded existence than my own reality. But if perfume can make one dream, then the job has been well done.

The Low Down : A smooth, creamy perfume showcasing iris with a vanilla backing, wrapped in woods and musk. It’s an elegant, luxe perfume that will make you feel smartly dressed and well put together. My favourite in the Ormonde Jayne line to date. 

Read more about Vanille d’Iris on : Perfume Posse and Get Lippie.

For where to purchase : Please see the Ormonde Jayne website for further details. A 50ml EDP is available for £90 and a 120ml bottle is £140. There is also a travel spray set of 4 x 10ml sprays for £70 and  a made to measure option, where you choose the concentration. 

Notes : Images :  Kate Winslet as Catherine Deneuve, shot by Steven Meisel for Vanity Fair. Linda Pilkington my own. 

Disclosure : Sample gratefully obtained from Ormonde Jayne at Pitti Fragrance. Opinions my own. 

8 thoughts on “New Perfume Review : Vanille d’Iris By Ormonde Jayne : Butter Wouldn’t Melt”

  1. This sounds so incredibly yummy…I can’t wait to check it out. I also love that pic of Kate Winslet all Catherine Deneuveish…although I had not seen that derriere picture before 🙂


    • Love the derriere photo! I’m interested to see what you think of this one. It’s quite luxe and smooth and I ended up craving it, but perhaps not edgy enough for some.


  2. poodle says:

    Hubby loves the derrière shot too. Lol.
    I can’t stand rooty iris but buttery is a whole different story. That I think I would like.


    • Hey Poodle – I love that photo shoot. Can’t say I’d like mine photographed like that though LOL! Yes not that rooty – far from Iris Silver Mist – much smoother and buttery. Definitely one to try.


  3. Most of OJ’s perfumes work for me well (despite the ubiquitous Iso E Super, which I love (!) on its own but which gets tiresome in this line’s offerings) so I really look forward to trying this new one (thought it’s not easy to do in the U.S.).
    Just in case you’re entertaining the idea of purchasing it and haven’t heard, on November 12th they’ll be offering 20% off – in the store and by phone (I hope, this <a href=""link works).


    • Hi Undina. Thanks so much for the link. I know a lot of people can’t bear the Iso E Super (and it seems to be Geza Schoen’s favourite), but it’s not an aromachemical that I have too many problems with. For me it’s the woody base chemicals in many of the niche ouds and wood based perfumes that I can’t stand. We seem to have some cross overs in our perfume taste so this should work for you. It doesn’t come across as a complicated scent though, so it may be too one dimensional for some, but I found myself wanting this one more and more every time I wore it.


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