Serge Lutens News : Magazine Advertising + De Profundis Black Spray

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I have written about my love for Serge Lutens perfumes many times (see Chergui, Fleurs d’Oranger, Tubéreuse Criminelle, Bas de Soie and Douce Amère) and adore the aesthetic of the house.

With the recent acquisition of the brand by Shiseido we’ve already seen the proliferation of the pricey Section d’Or perfumes and the opening of the second Serge Lutens store – this time in Moscow. The flagship store is located in Paris at the Palais Royale and really is a must visit for perfume lovers.

While flicking through a magazine this week I came across an advertisement for the makeup line. It’s the first time I’ve seen one for the Serge Lutens range. There are always featured images when a new perfume is released but I haven’t seen an actual glossy magazine advert before. So no doubt a sign of changes to come.

There is also a new limited edition black spray of De Profundis now available at Sephora in France on their website for 146.50 Euro. It’s not yet listed on the Serge Lutens website. This perfume was previously only available in the bell jar format. Other fragrances sold in the black sprays are Féminité du Bois, Ambre Sultan, Iris Silver Mist, Fourreau Noir and Rahat Loukhoum. Personally I find the black sprays the best designed option of the range.  They are portable, feel solid in the hand and have a sleek, sharp look.

De Profundis has the usual dark little ditty to explain itself in true Lutenesque style.

“As long as I’m alive, so is my Death. Every hero on a quest for glory is racing towards the proof of his mortality.

The scent of chrysanthemums and incense.” (Serge Lutens)

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