New French Music : Lou Doillon : Lay Low

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Lou Doillon the French singer / actress / model has one of those gravelly low key voices. She speaks more than sings with a raw sound accompanied by some great melodies. Her debut album Places was critically acclaimed and she won the Best Female Artist at the 2013 Victoires de la Musique. The album had a killer track – ICU. It’s a poignant, heartfelt song tinged with sadness and longing. Now she’s released Lay Low, her follow up album.

Lou Doillon is of course well known in France due to her illustrious family connections. Jane Birkin is her mother and even has a Hermes handbag named after her.  Birkin’s relationship with Serge Gainsbourg and their song Je T’Aime Moi Non Plus remains firmly entrenched in pop culture history.  Lou Doillon‘s father is film director Jacques Doillon and her half sister Charlotte Gainsbourg is an acclaimed actress, who also sings and models. Something that only the French can seamlessly pull off.

For Lay Low Doillon has worked with Taylor Kirk, a Canadian singer and guitarist and member of Timber Timbre. She’s been inspired by the Candadian outdoors and this translates to a low fi sound that flows through the album. Doillon sings in English not French and the album has a spare, laid back feel. It’s a short album clocking in at just over 30 minutes with a total of eleven tracks. Lay Low is slightly more melancholic sounding than Places but is well worth a listen.

Here’s Where To Start one of the singles from Lay Low.