Sunday Ramblings : Nothing Compares 2U : Can’t Believe It’s Been 25 Years

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I’m in the process of making a 90’s playlist and have become engulfed in waves of nostalgia. It’s quite a cathartic process and there’s nothing like listening to a long forgotten track. Hearing the tunes I’ve compiled so far brings make memories – some good and others best left forgotten.  I’ve found it easy to order the list by remembering where I was situated at the time when the track came out. I lived in three countries in the 90’s and four cities so I was a bit of a wanderer and so much more adventurous than I am now.

If you were alive way back in 1990 then you will no doubt remember Nothing Compares 2U from the album I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got. It hit the airwaves like a force of nature that floored everything in its wake. The song was written by Prince and marked the arrival of Sinéad O’Connor.  She had previously released the album The Lion And The Cobra that I adored but this was different. This was a song that took her voice to all corners of the globe.

It’s emotional and heartfelt, oozing with pain and yearning. What really set this song apart was its video that showcased Sinead’s face. Her distinctive shaved head set her apart and she had a flair for the dramatics even back then when tears rolled down her face.

It still sounds fantastic 25 years later and is the first track on the playlist.