Happy Monday : Scent Of The Day : Eau De Beauté From Caudalie

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Eau De Beauté or Beauty Elixir is my Scent Of The Day. It’s a fabulous scented product from Caudalie available in French pharmacies all over the land. Caudalie is a French beauty brand founded by  Mathilde Thomas that specialises in skincare utilising wine and grape extracts.

Eau De Beauté is apparently an anti – dull complexion product and I imagine it’s also used as a toner before moisturiser. However my preferred method is to spray Eau De Beauté vigorously in the heat to cool down. On a recent trip to Nice the thermometer hit 39 degrees and I had one of these small bottles on hand to spray frequently. What I love about it is the herbal, minty scent. It’s simply divine and I’m on my third bottle already. A worthy fragrant upgrade from a water spray.