Happy Monday : Scent Of The Day : Mini Review : Terracotta Le Parfum : A Solar Summer Floral

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Terracotta Le Parfum  is one of my favourite summer scents and made my Best of List for 2014. It was originally introduced as a limited edition but is now back on the Guerlain site and readily available in France.

Terracotta Le Parfum is summer in a bottle – it’s heady and narcotic. This perfume blooms with tropical flowers, namely tiare, jasmine and ylang ylang.  It has a sunny, bright disposition and never fails to raise the spirits.  Spritz Terracotta Le Parfum and be transported to heated sands, refreshing water and fragrant gardens. This is the best mainstream new release from Guerlain’s chief perfumer Thierry Wasser in the past year.  Bravo.


8 thoughts on “Happy Monday : Scent Of The Day : Mini Review : Terracotta Le Parfum : A Solar Summer Floral”

    • Hi Val. Ah I wouldn’t have thought you would like this one but there you go. I think it’s a winner – definitely a lot better than some of the recent Guerlain releases. x x


    • Hi Portia. I thought you would like this one. Soon Sydney will be burning up in summer … not long now. It’s so hot in France at the moment. I could bathe in this x x x


  1. Hi Megan,
    Terracotta might relieve the heat here too. We have had a few days of respite and rain but are now on track for more blistering temperatures.
    Azar xx


    • Hi Azar. Good luck with those temperatures. Ah the heat! It’s the first summer here that I have understood the love for Eau de Colognes as well.


    • Hi there, I would say that it’s a warm scent as it’s very floral and summery verging on beachy at times but it’s definitely not earthy.


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