New Music Monday : Tame Impala’s New Album : Currents

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Currents, Tame Impala‘s highly anticipated album (by me anyway) has hit the shelves. I adore their psychedelic schtick and couldn’t wait to hear Currents in its entirety. The first two singles are perfect of course. The beat driven Let It Happen and the soulful Cause I’m  A Man.

Kevin Parker, the driving force behind Tame Impala looks rather unassuming with one of those straight haired, hippy dippy cuts and sounds a bit like John Lennon.  Yet don’t let this fool you. He is clearly a huge talent and one to watch.

Currents feels more like next century’s futuristic psychedelic electro pop than music rooted in the past. It’s a departure from the more trippy soundscape on previous albums Innerspeaker and Lonerism but feels all the better for it.  I love it when musicians move on and shake things up a bit and Kevin Parker is seamlessly doing exactly this. Currents is shape shifting festival music at its best.

Here’s the upbeat Disciples from the album.