Serge Lutens : His Thoughts On Sensuality

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Serge Lutens on Sensuality

“Posséder ou être possédé, c’est la seule définition que je puisse donner de l’érotisme. Plaisir, je ne sais pas, excitation, tension, obsession, jusqu’à accaparer le champ de la conscience et, certainement, effacer ce qu’une idée peut fixer en nous. Rien, sinon les deux personnes qui le pratiquent, ne peut définir l’érotisme. C’est le livre du couple. L’achat est érotique, l’objet convoité … Mais lorsque cet acharnement d’acquérir et de posséder l’objet est satisfait, s’il n’y a pas d’amour, l’objet vous recrachera en plein visage votre imposture.”

Serge Lutens is my favourite perfume house so I always take note when I see a quote from the master or any news updates.

And here below is my very rudimentary translation to English but I admit it doesn’t make total sense, so make of it what you will.  My French is really not remotely good enough to translate the subtleties of what he is saying when he speaks in rhymes. If you can speak French at least you’ll have some idea of what he’s meaning with his poetry … or maybe not. If you can translate this better please do so in the comments and I can update!

“Possession or being possessed, this is the only definition I can give of eroticism. Pleasure, I do not know, excitement, tension, obsession until it monopolises the field of consciousness and certainly erases a idea fixated upon us. Nothing, except the two people who practice it, can define the eroticism. This is the book of the couple. To buy it is erotic, the object coveted … But when this eagerness to acquire and possess the object is satisfied, if there is no love, the object will spit your sham in your face.”

One can always rely on Monsieur Lutens for a good quote. Thanks to Grazia France.

Image : Serge Lutens, Juin 1994, ‘Serge Lutens’ (Editions Assoluline, 1998)