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I spent a few days in London this month and here are a few photos from that trip.  I had a very late night at an event at St Paul’s and the picture below was taken at around 5am. I think that may have been one of the few times this year I’ve been out when the sun has come up. The photo next to it was taken in Hackney, East London where I was very happy to spot a billboard of my favourite album of the year (so far) with rubbish stacked in front of it diluting the bright colours somewhat. If you’re in that neck of the woods the Saturday Broadway Markets are a must visit and seems to be bang smack in one of London’s hipster zones.

I didn’t devote much time to perfume hunting, the only shop I did make a quick trip to was Liberty where I sniffed a few fragrances.  I have to say my favourites out of everything I smelt there were Guerlain’s Nahema and Frederic Malle‘s Le Parfum de Therese.  Neither of which I own or have samples of, but they are definitely on my want list as of now. Both are long lasting, radiant classics that have a story to tell.

IMG_1655 IMG_1656 IMG_1719 london liberty IMG_1720 IMG_1721

01 St Paul’s late night / early morning 02 Jamie xx In Colours Hackney 03 Diptyque artwork at Liberty 04 Liberty  05 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Drury Lane 06 Flowers at Covent Garden

One of my favourite places in London is the National Portrait Gallery and this was my third visit.   Last year I saw Stardust by David Bailey which was brilliant and I’ve always loved history so I adore gazing at the portraits of people that I’ve read about. It really is a must visit if you’re a bit of a history geek.  The Tudor section is amazing, although the Elizabeth I portraits seemed to be travelling elsewhere this time around.  Walking in that section in particular really reeks of times gone by with a slightly macabre edge.

IMG_7033  national mary national mick IMG_1718 national the brontes london royal family

01 Diana Princess of Wales by Bryan Organ 02 Queen Mary I – Unknown artist 03 Mick Jagger by Andy Warhol 04  King Richard III – Unknown artist 05 The Brontë Sisters by Patrick Branwell Brontë 06 Conversation Piece At Royal Lodge, Windsor by Sir James Gunn

Featured Image : The Secret of England’s Greatness (Queen Victoria Presenting A Bible In The Audience Chamber at Windsor) by Thomas Jones Barker.  I love this painting. It’s absolutely huge and although  the scene is fictional, it really nails Britain’s Imperialist past.

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  1. cookie queen says:

    I loved reading this. I have PdT. Very beautiful. I also have some vintage Nahema that Vero sent me. It was an inspiration for Rozy EdP. (Both gorgeous.) I am heading to London in 10 days!!! Hugs. xxxxx


    • Hi Val. No wonder I love Rozy EDP then. Have fun in London as I’m sure you will. Such a great city and so much to see, eat, drink and shop. I actually wished I had the kids with me this time though so they could see some cool s… and it’s not often that I say that when I’m away!!


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