New Music Monday : Killer New Foals Track : What Went Down

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Foals are one of my favourite bands so I couldn’t wait to hear their first track What Went Down from the upcoming album of the same name.  Recorded in France, it will be released on August 28.

According to the NME, Yannis Philippakis the lead singer of the Brit Indie band said,

“it is one of the most savage and animalistic songs we’ve ever done. When we play it in a room, it just feels predatory, it feels like we’re on a hunt or something.”

OK then.

In my opinion this is a killer track and leads me to have quite high expectations for the album (never a good thing). It rocks and they sound in great form.

 foals album cover foals holy fire

If you haven’t heard anything from the Foals they have released three albums to date : Antitdote, Total Life Forever and Holy Fire.  Key tracks to start with are : Spanish Sahara from Total Life Forever : This has the slow building crescendo that they’re renowned for and is probably their best known track : Inhaler from Holy Fire : An explosive song but in a good way : Late Night from Holy Fire : An emotional roller coaster with great guitar.  The video is pretty full on and shows sex, birth and death – not for the faint hearted.


Track Listing for What Went Down 01 What Went Down 02 Mountain At My Gates 03 Birch Tree 04 Give It All 05 Albatross 06 Snake Oil 07 Night Swimmers 08 London Thunder 09 Lonely Hunter 10 A Knife In The Ocean

Watch the video and listen to the track here :

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