Ads About Town : Dior’s Eau Sauvage with Alain Delon

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Walking around the French village I live in, there are often a multitude of perfume billboards to be viewed.  I sometimes think this is overkill for such a small town and can’t imagine it’s a good use of the advertising budget.  However now that the tourist season is underway, I’ve noticed more billboards sprouting along the streets. This makes sense now though with the influx of people to Sainte Maxime, and the allure of French perfume that may cause someone to part with their cash.

My favourite ad campaign hands down at the moment is for Dior‘s Eau Sauvage. The French cult classic Eau Sauvage  is now available in a new cologne version so is being heavily promoted. Alain Delon features on the billboards and in the TV commercial.  The clip is taken from images from the 1967 film The Last Adventures by Robert Enrico.

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    • Sure does. I generally like the direction Dior takes with their advertising. We’ll have to see how Johnny Depp fares for their new masculine perfume!


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