Favourite French Things : Supermarket Specials : Le Petit Marseillais

Budget (Up to 10 Euro for 50ml), Favourite French Things, French Supermarket

Sometimes the best things in life are free (or nearly). Le Petit Marseillais is a French brand founded in 1982 with its Marseille soap. The brand has grown to include everything bath and shower related.  These days it’s owned by Johnson & Johnson so perhaps is not really that French these days, however it’s a brand with presence and occupies much shelf space in the supermarkets. Most homes I’ve been to have at least one Le Petit Marseillais product in the bathroom.

My absolute favourites from the range are the shower gels.  The fragrances are absolutely divine and I know that many people stock up on these when they come to France. My top pick is the refreshingly tantalising  Orange & Pampelmousse.  The scent is so evocative of fresh orange and grapefruit and is such a great pick me up. I also am rather fond of Abricot & Noisette which is a gourmand treat for the shower. Most of the varieties I’ve tried are pretty fabulous so there will be something for everyone.

Highly recommended.