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An edited version of this article originally appeared on Ca Fleure Bon, written by Megan In Sainte Maxime.

Le Galion is a French house with pedigree. Founded in 1930 by Prince Murat (brother in law to Napoléon I),  the name Le Galion refers to the glorious ships of yesteryear that referenced travel, escape and freedom. Five years later the company was sold to Paul Vacher, an esteemed French perfumer who co signed Arpège, Rumeur and Scandal for Lanvin with André Fraysse. He also created perfumes for Dior including Miss Dior (with Jean Carles) and Diorling.  At its peak, Le Galion perfumes were sold around the globe and were wildly popular. The historical Le Galion advertising images are also a visual treat. Incredibly well done, they offer a gorgeous slice of life through the decades and are quite covetable. Unfortunately the house was sold in 1980 to an American group and was mismanaged before disappearing from view.

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Thankfully in 2014, Le Galion saw fresh wind blown into its sails. Perfumes from this revered French house have been brought back to life with the care and attention they deserve thanks to CEO Nicolas Chabot. The resurrected Le Galion range includes Sortilège, Snob, Iris, Tubéreuse, La Rose, Special For Gentlemen, Whip, Eau Noble and 222.

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Le Galion has not been resting on its laurels since its relaunch and six perfumes were showcased at Esxence – The Scent of Excellence, with a mix of something old and something new. Please welcome Vetyver (a re-edition), Cuir and Aesthete, all in EDP formulation.

In addition, La Collection Singulière was displayed comprising three perfumes in extraits de parfum – Sortilège Elixir, Essence Noble and Sovereign. Of these three Sovereign is the new perfume in the range.  Sortilège Elixir is a fuller version of Sortilege and Essence Noble is a rework of Eau Noble. These new editions will be available later in the year and will be housed in 100ml bottles. Now let’s take you on a sail on the high seas and give you an overview of the new perfumes.

Today I’ll feature Vetyver, Cuir and Aesthete.  The Extraits de Parfum will follow shortly.



Vetyver (1968) : Vetyver was created in 1968 and I like to imagine that in those times of sexual liberation women may have taken their boyfriend’s bottles and liberally sprayed this on skin. It’s fresh and light up top with bergamot, mandarin and refreshing herbal notes. Vetyver takes time to warm, before revealing a smooth tonka, vetiver and musky base that provides an endearing contrast to what’s gone before. It’s an assuredly simple fragrance and is all the better for it. This would be a perfect spring or summer scent as the chilled, crispness of Vetyver makes way for the sun’s warmth. Perfumer : Thomas Fontaine who has worked on the original formula of Paul Vacher.

Cuir (2015) : This leather rendition is what I’d term a classically styled perfume that has a masculine edge. To me this is a well-worn brown leather jacket draped on a man. Every fold of its being has contoured to his body over time. It’s familiar, and gives comfort just when he craves that second skin. The opening is a mild brew of bergamot and quickly transitions to a warm, rich leather accord that never errs sweet or too fruity. There is a substantial body to this perfume and the dry down is full leather jacket, with touches of lily and a sumptuous base of sandalwood, ambergris and musk. Cuir doesn’t challenge the establishment, but you may lovingly embrace it like an old friend. Perfumer : Vanina Murraciole.

le galion aesthete

Aesthete (2015) : Pays homage to Paul Vacher who was a lover of the arts and a pianist to boot. This perfume is an interesting modern composition that hits the sweet spot of marrying leather and oud. The opening is contemporary oriental and starts with a bang. It’s warm and inviting as the bergamot makes way for a spiced breath of incense, davana and saffron. It’s a captivating start and oud is definitely noticeable in this fragrance but it doesn’t take on that medicinal aspect that can be off putting, as its accompaniments are incense and a leathery accord that smells simply divine. There is a smidgen of sweetness in the base, and a slighty syrupy, treacly aspect with additional warmth from the vanilla and sandalwood. This fragrance will make you yearn for exotic travels. Its charms lure me through tiny, cobbled back streets in ancient cities, inhaling smells from the surroundings and discovering the new in the well-trodden paths. Perfumer : Vanina Murraciole.

For further information on Le Galion and where to buy go through to the website. These new perfumes do not appear yet on the website but should be available soon.

Disclosure : Samples provided by Le Galion at Esxence : Opinions my own


I have a draw for a 7.5ml sample of Cuir that I’m happy to send anywhere in the world. (See the featured photo to see what it looks like). However I won’t be able to take responsibility if it’s lost in transit. I have sprayed it a few times to write the review but  it’s nearly full.


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Notes : Images : Le Galion Advertising Images : Le Galion : Other Images :  Mine  : Nicolas Chabot the CEO is featured in one of the photos – taken at Esxence

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  1. Paolo Gomez says:

    Wow! Thank you for the generosity! I am curious about the Cuir and Aesthete.


  2. reneeg09 says:

    Hi following you on facebook and twitter and I am interested the most in Vetyver.


  3. Adrian R says:

    Follow by twitter and email. They all sound lovely, but Aesthete (2015) really caught my eye.


  4. Emily says:

    You make them all sound great, but it’s the straight-up Cuir that demands my attention. Full leather jacket indeed!
    I am now following you on Facebook.


  5. After reading what was the outcome of being bought by an American group, I’m not surprised the company isn’t represented/sold in the U.S. 🙂 For that reason, I’m curious to try almost anything from the brand (I’d probably pass on the oud it almost never works for me).

    I follow here and on Twitter. Thank you for the draw.


  6. Hi Megan,
    I follow by e-mail and wordpress. Thank you for this draw! I have used or tried several of the older scents from this line (in vintage and the resurrected versions) so am most interested to experience something new, in particular Aesthete – but would be happy with Cuir 🙂 !
    Azar xx


  7. Hi Megan. Am curious to try Aesthete – sounds enticing. Follow you here,F/B and instagram.
    Lovely review.


  8. Sun Mi says:

    Well, I’m dying to find a leather I love – I’m convinced I will – but so far many appear extremely medicinal and bandage-y. But I am nothing if not obstinate – so I’d love to try Cuir or Aesthete. Thanks for the draw, I follow via Bloglovin.


    • Hey Sun Mi – I know leathers can be hard to get into. Have you tried the Lancome one – Cuir de Lancome. I haven’t but I know it has a huge number of fans and it seems to be a floral leather. I saw you didn’t like Daim Blonde by Lutens ( I love that one – but I have the old version and think it’s a lot better). Actually one of my favourite leathers is the Angel special edition Angel les Parfums de Cuirs. I really like this one. I found a bottle on ebay and I don’t think it’s too hard to find.


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