Lake Como : Italian Roadtrip : Fourth Stop

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Lake Como was the final stop on our Italian Roadtrip.  The previous stops were Genoa, Portofino and Venice.  We arrived at dusk and only had time for a walk around the village and a quick dinner.  And yes it was another picturesque spot. It looked divine and I wished we could have spent more time there. Next time maybe …..

Here are some photos.

lake como 1 lake como boats

lake como 4 lake como shore

4 thoughts on “Lake Como : Italian Roadtrip : Fourth Stop”

    • Thank you – I was lucky to get any though as it was quite late when we got there – it was definitely after 5. No George and Amal sightings!


  1. poodle says:

    I’ve enjoyed your trip to Italy. It looks like a beautiful country. My road trips aren’t ever quite that photogenic.


    • Thanks Poodle. I have to say mine aren’t usually either. This was definitely a once in a lifetime trip. Hopefully I’ll get back to Venice one day. Italy is so close to where we are but it still needs a special effort to actually get there! My dream when I was younger was to get in a car Thelma and Louise style and cross the USA. Now I can appreciate that it might be quite hard work!!


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