New Perfume Review : Lace Garden from Teo Cabanel : Waking Light

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A shorter version of this article has appeared on Ca Fleure Bon written by Megan In Sainte Maxime.

Téo Cabanel is an historic perfume house that was resurrected in 2005 with Caroline Ilacqua heading up the company and Jean – François Latty acting as the nose. This is a range that uses a high proportion of naturals to make their classically styled French perfumes. There are currently eight scents in the range and there will be something for everyone with Méloé and Hegoa summoning Mediterranean summer freshness to oriental beauties Alahine and Barkhane. There is also a fruity floral in the range – Julia, one of the Duchess of Windsor‘s favourite perfumes. Two rose fragrances Early Roses and Oha are in the collection for lovers of the majestic flower. I’ve reviewed the Eau de Toilette’s in the range : Méloé, Hegoa and Julia previously.  My thoughts on the Eau de Parfum’s : Early Roses, Oha, Alahine and Barkhane can also be found here. The best way to explore this house is to purchase their well presented sampler set, and this way you can see if something takes your fancy.

lace garden

Lace Garden is the latest 2015 release from Téo Cabanel and its inspiration is from ornamental French gardens and the intricate laced designs of Iris Cantabri, a French fashion house, helmed by Guillaume Michel. I’m smitten with this delicate scent. Lace Garden is what I would call a subtly seductive feminine perfume. There’s no bling here, its presence is gentle and unfurls at a leisurely pace.

I spoke to Caroline Ilacqua at Esxence in March. She talked of the synergy between the lace designs and elegant embroidery called passementerie and the ethos of their two design houses.  Both Teo Cabanel and Iris Cantibri design high quality products and are careful with the materials they use.  The photographs that were used for the advertising feature the designs of Iris Cantibri in a gorgeous green and white lace ensemble.

lace garden 1lACE GARDEN 3

A creamy ylang ylang and a twist of lemon provide the opening notes before the floral heart settles. The stand out flower in this perfume to my nose is a buttery tuberose that is well done. It’s a different proposition to the more showy tuberose scents that have a screechy, venomous sting in their tail. The supporting white florals provide a counterpoint to the tuberose, and of these orange blossom is the one that I notice the most, although magnolia is certainly in the mix. The florals are subtly blended and weave together like silk on skin that whispers quality. Vanilla wears gracefully in the background. This perfume would be a perfect accompaniment for spring and summer moments, when you want to be caressed by scent and not overpowered.

lace garden mine

Lace Garden evokes a day coming to life, fresh with light and optimism. If you’ve listened to the uber talented Beck’s latest album Morning Phase (the one that Kanye is notably not a fan of when he made all that fuss at the Grammys), the last track is called Waking Light and perfectly evokes Lace Garden. It’s quietly beautiful and affecting.

“When the memory leaves you

Somewhere you can’t make it home

When the morning comes to meet you

Open your eyes with waking light”

The overwhelming sense I get from wearing Téo Cabanel’s perfumes is quality and elegance. Téo Cabanel use a high proportion of naturals and this shines through loud and clear. There’s a distinct lack of bite, screech or scratch that I often get from perfumes that are heavy handed on the aroma chemicals. I’d say that if you’re after something avant-garde or challenging, this will not be the perfume brand for you. If you’re drawn to a classic style with elegance and zest, you should give Téo Cabanel a try, as they have a broad range to choose from, in that indomitable French style.

For more information on pricing and stockists go to Téo Cabanel’s website

Notes : Images : All from Téo Cabanel advertising images : Except last photo is taken by myself

Disclosure : Perfume Sample from Téo Cabanel. Opinions my own.

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