Life in France : La Bravade Sainte Maxime

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Last week saw the celebration of Sainte Maxime in the village, alongside a public holiday for Ascension. Sainte Maxime lived sometime around 650 and 750 and devoted her life to religion. The colours of Sainte Maxime are pale blue and white, and flags coloured these shades were flying around the town. It is also the custom to display blue and white flowers on tables outside or in the windows of the stores and restaurants along with pictures of the Sainte.  La Bravade (parade) circles the town, filled with villagers in traditional dress, with accompanying music and lots of drum rolls.  Plus every once in a while there are huge booming canons that can have quite a startling effect if you’re familiar with the sound.

Here are a few photos.

sainte maxime always sainte maxime fest sainte maxime fest again sainte maxime bravade