It’s A Girl! : William and Kate Hipsterfied

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Let’s raise our glasses to the birth of a daughter for William and Kate, and sister for George.

Now I’m not a die hard royalist, although I did have an utter fascination with Princess Diana in my younger years and my first proper book that I showed off at school at show and tell was on the Kings and Queens of England. Being an only child for ten years I liked to memorise the succession, and was enamoured of the Tudor period in particular. I also did rather enjoy watching William and Kate’s wedding …

Now the picture above is William and Kate portrayed as hipsters. The artist is Seattle based Cheyenne Randall who likes to sprinkle tattoos on famous people.  Love it or loathe it, this is a look that just won’t wash with the Royals.

2 thoughts on “It’s A Girl! : William and Kate Hipsterfied”

  1. Anna says:

    You are such a royalist ! No pic of the hipsters on my screen??


    • That’s strange – check again. It’s on all of our devices. x x Di will always be the fav. Those ruffled collars!


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