Happy May Day / Labour Day in France

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The May Day / Labour Day celebration held today on May 1st in France is linked with the Muguet flower or Lily of the Valley, as it’s known in English.  The tradition goes back to the days of King Charles IX. It’s said that in 1561 he received a Muguet flower as a lucky charm and then decided to offer a flower each year to the ladies of the court. Each May Day the flowers can be sold tax free and it’s the tradition to gift the flower to loved ones.

The boulangerie had a few surprises in store today and Muguet  was for sale in small wrapped packages on what seemed like every street corner. Here are a couple of vintage perfume ads featuring Lily of the Valley from Christian Dior (top right) and Le Galion (bottom left).

Hope you had a lovely May Day.

lily diorissimo 1  lily flowerslily cake 1lily le galion 1

Notes : Images : Vintage perfume ads from Pinterest : Other photos mine

2 thoughts on “Happy May Day / Labour Day in France”

  1. poodle says:

    I love lily of the valley. Due to the late winter mine aren’t even sprouting yet. I’ll see them in June maybe. I was tickled pink to have some hyacinths blooming outside today. So at least I’ve got a little scent of spring.


    • Hi Poodle. I love hyacinth but am personally not as keen on the LOTV, although I do love them on May Day. Hopefully it will heat up soon for you. x x


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