FIFI Award Winners : French Perfume Awards : A Mixed Bag

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The Fifi Awards run by The Fragrance Foundation France were held last night. It’s the  major perfume award ceremony in France and there are four groups of voters including Experts (journalists, evaluators and bloggers), General Public (who vote online), Professionals (those working in the industry) and Artists.

Les Prix des Experts : These awards are given to a niche perfume and an exclusive perfume in a large brand and were judged by a panel of journalists, evaluators and bloggers.

corsica furiosacuir d'ange

Best Niche : Corsica Furiosa : Parfum d’Empire

Best Parfum Exclusive d’Une Collection de Grand Marque : Cuir d’Ange : Hermes (Best big brand exclusive perfume)

Le Prix du Grands Public : These awards were chosen by 26,051 public votes.

Meilleur Masculin Sous Enseigne Propre : Mer & Mistral : L’Occitane (Best masculine by a self distributing brand)

Meilleur Féminin Sous Enseigne Propre : Quelques Notes d’Amour : Yves Rocher (Best feminine by a self distributing brand)

Meilleur Masculin de Grande Distribution : Jeans Brut : Daniel Hechter (Best mass market masculine)

Meilleur Féminin de Grande Distribution : Double Je : Eau Jeune (Best mass market feminine)

Meilleur Masculin de Parfumerie Sélective : L’Homme Idéal : Guerlain (Best masculine in selective distribution)

Meilleur Féminin de Parfumerie Sélective : La Petite Robe Noire Couture : Guerlain (Best feminine in selective distribution)

Les Prix des Professionnels : 906 people in the industry voted for these awards.

l'homme ideal

Meilleure Publicité pour en Distribution Sélective Pour Un Masculin : L’Homme Idéal : Guerlain (Best advertising for a masculine perfume)

black opium

Meilleure Publicité pour un Distribution Sélective Pour Un Féminin : Black Opium : Yves Saint Laurent (Best advertising for a feminine perfume)

Plus Beau Flacon de Parfum Masculin en Distribution Sélective : Valentino Uomo : Valentino (Best masculine bottle in selective distribution)

Plus Beau Flacon de Parfum Féminin en Distribution Sélective : La Panthère : Cartier (Best feminine bottle in selective distribution)

Meilleure Parfum Féminin en Distribution Sélective  : Black Opium : Yves Saint Laurent (Best feminine perfume in selective distribution)

Meilleure Parfum Masculine en Distribution Sélective : Valentino Uomo : Valentino (Best masculine perfume in selective distribution)

Fifi d’Or :  The Gold Award – The Big one if you like! Voted for by a jury of artists and overseen by Jean Paul Gaultier.  In the jury were Dorothée Gilbert (dancer), Jean Paul Gaultier (fashion designer), Diane Pernet (fashion blogger), Ali Mahdavi (photographer), Laurent Korcia (violinist), Bernadette Langlais (cointreau master distiller) and Pierre Hermé (maker of amazing patisseries)


Le Meilleur Parfum Masculin de 2014 : Valentino Uomo : Valentino (Best masculine)

my burberry

Le Meilleur Parfum Féminin de 2014 : My Burberry : Burberry (Best feminine)

Sum Up : The experts did it best with Corsica Furiosa and Cuir d’Ange!  I’m of course happy with the feminine bottle winner for La Panthère as this was my choice in my 2014 Best Of List. Nice to see Guerlain win a few prizes but surprised that Black Opium won best ad campaign and best feminine perfume by those that work in the industry. I took a peek at the shortlist and La Panthère was by far the best choice.  Valentino Uomo was a pretty good masculine that was not too boring so well done. I need to test My Burberry a bit more. I’ve only worn it once and it was very sweet up front and this put me off slightly but I’ll give it another whirl.  Yves Rocher always seems to win the self distributed prize but this reminds me that I must do a post on this house as they have a few great scents at bargain prices.

Any thoughts / surprises / horrors?