February Perfume News Round Up : So Many New Perfumes + Tauerville

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Here’s my February Perfume News Round Up of Upcoming Releases and News Items that have caught my eye and piqued my interest.

Upcoming Perfume Releases That Have Me Hot Under The Collar :

Already a slew of new perfume releases have been mentioned in February.  Not all of them get me excited but a few do. Here they are:


Rozy Extrait from Vero Profumo  will be released shortly and I’m hoping that I may have the chance to try it at Esxence in Milan later this month. All of Vero’s perfumes bear the mark of an incredibly gifted perfumer so I’m excited to to see what beauty will unfold here.






There’s also a Neela Vermeire perfume called Pichola,  a new addition to her well executed range of India inspired perfumes. Pichola takes its inspiration from Lake Pichola, in the Udaipur, Rajhastan region of India. It’s a white floral, a category of perfumes that I happen to adore and I’m sure this will be a beautiful rendition.  Bertand Duchaufour is again the nose on this release and has signed all of her perfumes to date.

atelier cologne collection azur

Atelier Cologne are a brand with a hectic schedule of releases. They’re working quickly to become a global brand with presence.  This is no bad thing but it’s hard to keep up with these guys. Four new fragrances will be housed under a new range called the Atelier Cologne Collection Azur that celebrates five years of the brand. The new perfumes are Cedre Atlas, Figuier Ardent, Mandarine Glaciale and Sud Magnolia. Reviews are up already on Colognoisseur.

better monsieur li

Le Jardin de Monsieur Li is said to be the swansong from Jean-Claude Ellena before Christine Nagel takes the reins at Hermes. The perfume has notes of jasmine, kumquat and mint and will appear in the Un Jardin series. I imagine this will be a light, refreshing scent in the typically minimalist like it or loathe it Jean Claude Ellena style.  Robin from Now Smell This has a review up here.

new frederic malle

Frederic Malle is releasing Cologne Indélébile, hot on the heels of the purchase of the company by Estée Lauder. This new cologne comes from the capable hands of Dominique Ropion, the nose behind two of the most well known Frederic Malle perfumes – Carnal Flower and Portrait of a Lady. The notes include bergamot, lemon, narcissus, orange blossom, neroli and musks and will be available in April.

aedus de venustasAedus de Venustas, the New York specialist perfume store that is creating critically acclaimed perfumes have a new one out and it’s called Palissandre d’Or. This perfume is built around the aroma of Indian rosewood. It sounds intriguing with accords of ambrette, pink pepper, coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg, rare rosewood extract from Sri Lanka, copahu balsam, patchouli extract, ambroxan, Virginia cedar, Chinese cedar and Alaskan cedar. The perfumer is Alberto Morillas.

Easy on the wallet perfumes



Fleur de Figuier EDP from Roger & Gallet. This inexpensive French brand turns out some great fragrances at an inexpensive price point. Francis Kurkdjian is the nose behind this new EDP version of the original EDT. It’s the cheapest Francis Kurkdjian you’ll ever get your mitts on.

new couvent

Le Couvent des Minimes introduce a new fragrance : Eau de Mâtines Orange and Basilic. This new fragrance has apple, orange, lemon and basil with base notes of woods, cedar and soft musk. The reason I mention this range is because they do the unbelievably great for the price Eau de Missions which is a night time favourite of mine. It’s a great boozy vanilla comfort scent and really reasonable priced  for the quality.  My bottle is so huge that I use it as a room spray as well.

Perfume News 


andy tauer

Andy Tauer has set up a new online venture called Tauerville. Currently Tauerville has Andy’s Rose Flash perfume for sale and some beautiful silk scarves with his artwork. I think it’s a really interesting path that he is following and will be watching with interest. His Rose Flash experiment from a few months back was highly successful, selling out of the small sized roll on bottles in days and must have been a test for the viability of this venture. At the moment this online store is only shipping to the USA and Switzerland. Let’s hope he gets his tentacles out to the rest of the world as soon as possible.

 “Tauerville.com is my creative outlet. A spot where I am breaking the rules and where my creations find my place.” Andy Tauer


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10 thoughts on “February Perfume News Round Up : So Many New Perfumes + Tauerville”

  1. I didn’t realize that you were going to be going to Esxence in Milan. That will be incredible! I can’t wait to hear your impressions when you come back. Have a great time!


    • I know I’m quite excited and I’ve arranged to meet with a couple of other perfume fanatics so that should be fun too. I’m also looking forward to just hanging out in Milan for a few days and doing some touristy things and eating Italian food.

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  2. It’s so great that you’ve done this roundup. In Australia we don’t get all of these new releases, or they take many months to get to us if we get them at all, so it’s nice to read a quick review of all that’s coming out from someone who might actually be able to try them! Saves me some time and heartache 😉


    • Well I’m definitely hoping to get my mitts on a few at Esxence so will report back. I thought Australia wouldn’t be too tricky on the perfume front these days but I suppose it’s not quite the same as France or not yet anyway.

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  3. The only one I really want to try is Pichola since NVC so far released perfumes that I liked. Atelier Cologne goes away from the original line that I liked so I will try the new line whenever it gets to the store but I do not have high hopes. As to Malle… I think the line is too expensive for the cologne genre. But, of course, I’ll give it a try when I see it at Barneys.


    • I’m totally with you on the pricing for the Malle line. It’s not something that I will buy but I’m always interested to see what they do. I tend to prefer their big perfumes like Portrait of a Lady. I’m really keen to try Pichola like you, I love the line.


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