David Bowie is Exhibition Coming To Paris

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The travelling ‘David Bowie is’ exhibition, first staged in London is now coming to Paris.  This is going straight on my wish list.  Here’s hoping …

The exhibition is at the Philharmonie de Paris and features costumes, photographs and handwritten lyrics from Bowie. It opens on the 3rd March and runs until 31 May and is a great way to spend an hour or two if you’re doing a spot of Parisian sight seeing in spring.  In order to have a more memorable immersive experience visitors can view the exhibition while wearing Sennheiser headphones loaded with his music and interviews. Let’s face facts here, it’s not going to be the same as seeing him perform but it will be good for a gander.

He’s had such a huge influence on the music, performance and fashion worlds that in my opinion he  truly deserves the chronically over used label ‘icon’.  He also still has a surprise or two up his sleeve.  Witness the stealthy release of his last album, The Next Day, and its poignant single ‘Where Are We Now‘.  He was also bitingly funny on Extras with Ricky Gervais when he banged out a scathing little ditty directed at Andy Millman (Ricky Gervais’s character).

On a side note, apparently Bowie and Gervais are friends.  Gervais told GQ magazine :

“I remember, I think, the first time that I knew him when it was his birthday, I sent him an e-mail that said “57???? Isn’t it about time that you got a proper job? Ricky Gervais, 42, comedian.” He sent back: “I have a proper job. David Bowie, 57, Rock God.”

Favourite Bowie song? Pretty hard to choose.  I’ve always loved Heroes and my favourite album is Hunky Dory. Let’s not forget Aladdin Sane makeup for dress ups.

Your favourites?

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