Flashback Friday : Can’t Believe It’s Been 30 Years : The Breakfast Club

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The Breakfast Club was huge in 1985.  Actually anything John Hughes wrote, produced and directed was pretty big in the 80’s. He was an influential voice for a whole generation of teenagers.  Hughes was also  responsible for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – a certifiable classic and of course the blockbuster Home Alone (not a personal favourite).

Many of you dear readers may be too young to have ever heard of this seminal high school movie that features a Saturday detention with five kids from different backgrounds.   A jock (Emilio Estevez), a princess, (Molly Ringwald, a Hughes regular and favourite), a criminal (Judd Nelson), a brain (Anthony Michael Hall) and a basket case (Ally Sheedy) were all on detention together.  As a teen this seemed like the perfect angsty movie, with every kid coming from different sides of the tracks, but realising that they all had more in common than they originally thought. It’s a coming of age movie that is really well done.  Back in the 80’s there really wasn’t a lot of movie choice as a teenager and this was one of the few that made a lasting impression.

The Simple Minds theme song was busting out the moves back then too with Don’t You Forget About Me burning up the charts.  Check out this video for Jim Kerr’s awesome 80’s baggy suit.



5 thoughts on “Flashback Friday : Can’t Believe It’s Been 30 Years : The Breakfast Club”

  1. When this movie first came out, I thought it was made specifically for me. In my teenage angst, this held a special place as I think I saw it around 10 times. Somehow though if I saw it now, I have the feeling it wouldn’t hold up as it probably is a bit too self absorbed. But 30 years?? Boy am I old!


    • I really can’t believe it’s been 30 years either and it still seems like yesterday my friend and I were playing that Simple Minds track with her older brother! I haven’t seen the movie recently but yeah I’m not sure if it would translate for the new generation and I can’t imagine it’s one I’ll show my kids. Although I did get them to watch Back to the Future last night and they liked that 80’s hit. I think I may be of a similar vintage to you dear Hound.


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