Valentines Day : My Top 10 Rose Perfume Picks

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So the day of LOVE is rolling around.  An old flame disdainfully described going out to dinner on this evening as akin to the couplings on Noah’s Ark. Anyhow I’m always up for a mini celebration, whatever it may be and for many it’s a good excuse to hit the town and enjoy a lovely dinner and drinks.  Or it’s an evening spent indoors indulging.  Well I imagine I won’t be going out due to a lack of child minding options.  However I will probably have a glass of bubbles as a mini celebration, however that may be as far as my Valentines Day goes. Others may opt for chocolate.  Some of you may prefer to go the whole nine yards with this celebration. I’m not really a fan of going overboard on February 14 but I have to say my perfect day would involve a bottle of perfume.

Let’s face it Valentines Day is all about the rose in perfume land.  I’m a huge rose fan and there’s so much that can be done with this amazing flower. Just as there are different shades of rose from yellow to the deepest blood-red rose; there are a huge range of rose perfumes.  If you want to wear a rose perfume on the day or buy yourself a rose treat, here are Ten Rose Perfumes that are worth trying.


Light Rose : Rosabotanica : Balenciaga

A light futuristic rose with a steely glint would make a lovely gift.  The beautiful bottle really adds to the allure and in fact may be more attractive than the actual perfume.

Elegant Rose : Rose Absolue : Annick Goutal

A full-bodied blooming romantic rose, beautifully crafted and perfect for Valentine’s Day.


Jammy Rose With Thorns : La Fille De Berlin : Serge Lutens

I am a hardcore Lutens lover so one of his roses must be included here.  This dark pink coloured juice is a full-bodied jammy rose with metallic thorns hinting at its subversive nature.

Indian Rose : Mohur : Neela Vermeire

A rose based on the Mughul era and a treat from Bertrand Duchaufour. A spiced red rose that is grown up and not for ingenues.


Over The Top Gourmand Rose : Une Rose Vermeille : Andy Tauer

The Swiss alchemist gives us a fruity champagne, gourmand rose.  It sweetly fizzes and puts a smile on my face every time I wear this.  Joyful.

Rose Dusted with Chocolate : Brûlure de Rose : Parfumerie Generale 

Chocolate flecked rose from one of my favourite perfume brands.  Good enough to eat.



Glistening Rose : Vero Profumo : Rozy EDP

Vero Kern’s perfumes are really something to be experienced.  They are like no other and are superlatively beautiful.  This peach and honeyed rose is bright and kaleidoscopic.  A must try.

Unbelievable Bargain Rose : Rose Absolue : Yves Rocher

This one is unfortunately discontinued and is getting more difficult to track down.  If you can get hold of a bottle this won’t disappoint – a beautiful, easy to wear spiced rose.


 Sweetened, Boozy Rose : Rose Cut : Ann Gerard

A rose made potent with rum and patchouli from Bertrand Duchaufour for jeweller Ann Gerard.  Gorgeous bottle too.

Unisex Rose : Rose Anonyme : Atelier Cologne

A rather potent rose with oud, with a sweetness although it’s never heavy in keeping with the cologne theme.  Great on the boys as well.


8 thoughts on “Valentines Day : My Top 10 Rose Perfume Picks”

  1. I’ve never smelled Rose Absolue before from Atelier Cologne. Have you smelled Ce Soir ou Jamais from Annick Goutal? It’s a very fruity rose with a very strong green pear accord.


    • Hi there. No I haven’t smelt Ce Soir ou Jamais yet but it’s on my list (that expands by the day) and I have an affinity with most of the perfumes from Annick Goutal. Have you tried Heure Exquise? That is a gorgeous iris and rose. I nearly put that one on the list.


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