Perfume Review : Hedonist Iris : A Whiter Shade of Pale

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Viktoria Minya released Hedonist Iris late last year, along with Hedonist Rose and Eau de Hongrie.  The release of these perfumes followed the successful launch of Hedonist, a golden peach of a scent.  I really loved this perfume so was excited to try the new additions to her range.


I’m slowly warming to Iris perfumes and have recently become intrigued by their possibilities.  This iris creation is a much softer interpretation than the original Hedonist theme. It lightly whispers where Hedonist sings. It walks with elegance where Hedonist dances.  It quietly makes its presence known where Hedonist asserts influence from the start. Overall Hedonist Iris is too light and delicate in feel for my personal tastes but I do think that it’s a lovely perfume, very well crafted, elegant and sophisticated gift wrapped in a modern style.

Nose:  Viktoria Minya  : Year: 2013 : Notes: Bergamot, pink pepper, black currant, iris, cedar, cacao pod, musk and labdanum. (From Fragrantica)

The opening is a sweet iris, more floral than rooty.  There is no carrot reference point here at all.  So for those of you that can’t abide that earthy type of iris, have no fear there’s no trace of it here.  Hedonist Iris becomes slightly deeper in texture with the richness of the cacao pod, that has what I would term a slightly fatty smell. I know that sounds a bit off putting, but it’s actually not, it gives this scent some depth.  If you’re expecting a big chocolate note, this is not what I get from the cacao pod, but there is a butteriness that is present.


A few minutes in, the scent warms up and become slightly more dense. Then that blackcurrant makes an entrance and I have to say that it really pops on my skin and becomes the dominant note.  I’m not sure if this fruity note is so pronounced on others, as I suspect my skin may be doing strange things to this perfume. The black currant note reminds me somewhat of the black berry in Mûre et Musc from L’Artisan Parfumeur.  It’s not the same note per se, yet there’s something about its presence on my skin that makes me recall it every time I wear Hedonist Iris. This blackcurrant and a buttery note remain ever present on my skin until it settles down to a musky, delicate scent.

van gogh iris

I think you will have success with this perfume if you get more iris from this perfume than I did, and also if you prefer lightly textured scents. What I do like about the perfume is that it has a quietly elegant, understated feel.  I think this is a versatile perfume that could be worn for most occasions and will definitely make you feel more groomed and put together.  It is a modern iris, but feels quite sophisticated.  I like my iris perfumes  a touch bolder and of the rooty variety, so when I say that my favourite  is Iris Silver Mist, a chilling futuristic powerhouse with carrot facets and a touch of incense, from Serge Lutens and Maurice Roucel you will understand that Hedonist Iris is right over at the other end of the spectrum.  It is also very different in feel from Atelier Cologne’s Silver Iris which is sweeter and slightly denser in feel than Hedonist Iris.  I would say if you are a die hard iris fan, and you like all shades of iris, you will definitely need to smell this to discover  an elegant, modern iris.

The Low Down : A modern iris perfume that is elegant and sophisticated to its core. Wear this  Whiter Shade of Pale iris whenever you need to feel well groomed and put together.  3 étoiles 

I do like how Viktoria Minya now has a range of perfumes to choose from, and if you like bold, florientals you have Hedonist to add some glamour to your life.  At the other end of the scale there is  Hedonist Iris for a delicate but elegant perfume.  Eau de Hongrie is a less exuberant relative of Hedonist, and Hedonist Rose is a pretty in pink rose perfume with a slight edge.  Something for everyone.

Viktoria Minya’s perfumes are available from her website.

diane kruger again 4

As I have been on a frock angle with Viktoria Minya’s perfumes, here’s the dress that perfectly fits Hedonist Iris.  It’s an Emilia Wickstead gown, worn by Diane Kruger (who I think has a great sense of style – glammed up and dressed down), at the Golden Globes this year. This is a truly elegant gown and silver is just right for Hedonist Iris.

Notes : Hedonist photos and the iris and black currant : Frangratica : Vincent Van Gogh Irises : : Diane Kruger :


Ratings Guide : 5 étoiles: Masterpiece and a must buy : 4 étoiles: Seriously fabulous and a must try : 3 étoiles: Solid work but lacking that something extra : 2 étoiles: Just not my cup of tea : 1 étoile: Back to the drawing board


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  1. You have a great facility for capturing the zeitgeist. Love how you make connections between perfume/ music/ fashion/art.


    • It’s the only way I can write about perfume. Certain smells remind me of songs, art, fashion – always linked to the world.


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