Perfume Review : Hedonist Rose : Pretty In Pink

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It must be difficult to come up with a new riff on the much beloved rose theme.  It is undoubtedly one of my favourite notes in perfumery and I’m always surprised to see the inventive twists and turns that perfumers can conjure with the majestic rose. I already own quite a few rose perfumes but it never stops me from wanting to try another one in my never ending quest for another heavenly pop hit from the rose and thorns.

I reviewed Hedonist Viktoria Minya’s gorgeous debut perfume earlier this week, and Hedonist Rose is one of her three recent releases, along with Hedonist Iris (review coming shortly) and Eau de Hongrie.

Nose:  Viktoria Minya  : Year: 2013 : Notes: Lemon, clove, peach, rose, amber, musk, white wine (From Fragrantica)

pretty in pink

Hedonist Rose brings rose tinted pastel pink shades to the fore when I smell this.  It’s Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink.  Above all it’s a very pretty scent and one that has stealthily grown on me over wearings.  I often think of plates laden with scones drowned in strawberry jam and cream, when I smell this, although  Hedonist Rose isn’t necessarily as decadent but it is in a similar vein, it feels like a small indulgence. There’s also a really lovely white wine note that sets this perfume apart from other roses I’ve tried.


Hedonist Rose is a light, fruity and sparkling rose that delicately blooms as it spends more time on skin.  The lemon and white wine provide the fizz and sparkle that dial up the lightness and a sense of fun.  That white wine note with a touch of peach gives it a really alluring feel. Yes there’s a tiny hint of peach again, but not as rich and sensuous as that in Hedonist (the original peach of a scent), this is a toned down diet version.

scones and cream

There is a creamy aspect to Hedonist Rose (scones and cream again) that adds some fullness to the scent, but it’s not too sweet, there’s also a touch of spice to quash le sucre.  The rose stays like this for a few hours before wafting a very lightly flecked amber hum to the end.  I think this is definitely worth trying if you like rose perfumes that skew more to the lighter end of the spectrum.  I like a wide range of roses from light and pretty through to chypre powerhouses, and dark and dusty oud styled roses.  There is a place that has been made available for  Hedonist Rose in my rose haul.  This slots in by the light, pink roses but with a whimsical edge which over time has made me come back for more from this pretty Hedonist.

Here’s a pink dress for Hedonist Rose.  Amy Adams is looking slightly dishevelled in a lovely pink gown.  I think this is a good representation of this perfume.  Yes it’s pretty but there’s something else going on that makes you come back for more.

amy pink dress

The Low Down : A sparkling, rose with a touch of fruit and lightness and a slight creaminess.  This will make you feel pretty and young at heart, but not so squeaky clean and straight that you will be bored to tears.  3.5 étoiles 

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Ratings Guide : 5 étoiles: Masterpiece and a must buy : 4 étoiles: Seriously fabulous and a must try : 3 étoiles: Solid work but lacking that something extra : 2 étoiles: Just not my cup of tea : 1 étoile: Back to the drawing board

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