Perfume Review : Hedonist : A Golden Peach Of A Scent

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Viktoria Minya is a Hungarian perfumer living and working in Paris who released her debut perfume Hedonist in 2013. She recently unleashed three new perfumes to eager perfume lovers.  Two of the new perfumes are part of the Hedonist family – Hedonist Iris and Hedonist Rose.  The other recent release, Eau de Hongrie, my favourite of the new perfumes, I have already reviewed here.  Today’s review features the original Hedonist and the two new family members will be coming up next.


Nose:  Viktoria Minya  : Year: 2013 : Notes : Top : Rum, Bergamot, Peach : Middle : Jasmine Flower Absolute, Orange Flower Absolute, Osmanthus Absolute, Tobacco : Base : Vetiver, Cedar Wood, Vanilla (from Fragrantica)

If we take a look at the meaning of Hedonist, the Oxford Dictionnary informs that it’s

“The pursuit of pleasure: sensual self-indulgence”


In this context Hedonist is oh so perfectly named.  This golden swirl of intoxicating beauty is really a peach of a scent.  It’s a fortified peach, enhanced to James and the Giant Peach proportions.  It really is a stunning debut plus the bottle is gorgeous, with its Swarovski bling. It looks and feels like showtime. Hedonist elevates the daily grind to something near ecclesiastical.  One spritz of this and I feel I’m twirling and whirling in a ball gown in centuries past.  Yet of course, in all reality I’ll be in my frequent winter uniform of jeans, however I will feel more special and glammed up with a spray of this beauty.

Hedonist has an impressive opening and immediately makes a strong impression. It fizzes with a hint of bergamot but then quickly transitions to a lush floral bouquet.  The jasmine is there front and centre with a little orange flower and apricot tinged osmanthus for support.   The white florals are bright and brilliantly radiant and smell so good.  They seem light and highly pitched yet they are not clobbering you over the head, they’ve got a lovely soft feel.

My favourite part of wearing this perfume is when that boozy peach takes over and quickly hijacks the proceedings. This is peach that is literally oozing golden goodness. It’s like eating a peach with the juice running and sticking to your fingers and chin.  It feels that vivid.  It is juicy and sweet but it also has that booziness from the rum to contend with. By now I’ve already fallen drunkenly in love with this perfume. It is definitely my favourite peach note I’ve encountered. Sorry Mitsuoko but I haven’t warmed to your charms yet but I will keep persevering to try and understand what everyone has fallen for through the ages.


I’m discovering that I really like boozy perfumes.  I’ve just come across By Kilian’s Apple Brandy (thanks to the Bois de Jasmin Travelling Sample Box) and that is a big booze fest on acid and god I love it. The peach and rum in Hedonist deliver a golden honeyed effect and if you love a touch of this sweet nectar that sticks to the side of good taste you will definitely be swooning for this.

Hedonist retains a sensuous warmth throughout and has above average staying power. I get at least seven hours of goodness.  The base positively hums, it feels quite grand and does seem to share some sisterhood with Eau de Hongrie. Hedonist envelops you in its hug with its mix of woods, vanilla and musk. Hedonist feels quietly decadent at the end of its run.  It is one of those perfumes that comes out loud and proud, yet settles  down quite quickly in terms of sillage.  It’s not a heavy perfume per se even though you could be fooled into thinking this at the beginning due to its brazen opening.

It’s a fruity floral oriental extroadinaire and you must try Hedonist if you love honey, boozy notes and peach.  Yes it could be too much for some, but it’s my favourite of Victoria Minya’s perfumes to date.  It totally blows my mind.

I’m on a frock theme at the moment with the Academy Awards coming up, so I’ve picked out dresses that are a match for the perfumes.  You may know others – please tell.  Here’s a resplendently gorgeous golden yellow dress, designed by Vera Wang that is such a great fit for Hedonist.  It really is a stunning old school glamour dress yet worn in a relaxed style by Michelle Williams at the 2006 Academy Awards.

yellow dress 2


The Low Down : A boozy, honeyed peach of a scent.  It feels elegantly old school yet perfect for the modern world. It will bring a touch of glamour to your day and spirits will soar. Perfect for a big night out.

 4.5 étoiles

Ratings Guide : 5 étoiles: Masterpiece and a must buy : 4 étoiles: Seriously fabulous and a must try : 3 étoiles: Solid work but lacking that something extra : 2 étoiles: Just not my cup of tea : 1 étoile: Back to the drawing board

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