SAG Awards : Frock Up Ladies

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The Screen Actors Guild Awards are quietly heralded in with decidedly less fanfare than the glossy Golden Globes and the Academy Awards.  Yet it’s always good to have a gander at the frocks.  To my eyes, there weren’t too many stand out numbers, however a few goodies poked through.  Plus Julianne Moore (Still Alice) and Patricia Arquette (Boyhood)  won Outstanding Awards for a Female Actor in a Leading Role and Supporting Role respectively. I’m dying to see Boyhood with Patricia Arquette and check out this great review from my blogger friend Deux Pies on the film that took twelve years in the making.

So best dressed, OK this was quite a tricky one but I’ve gone for Lupita Nyong’s Elie Saab dress, as her choice was out of the box, using pattern and bright splashes of colour. I imagine this is a bit of a polarising number but I think it rocks. America’s current sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence, looked practically angelic in a flowing Grecian number from Prada.  I also liked the primly gorgeous Felicity Jones in BalenciagaJulianne Moore, my usual favourite looked great as usual, with that emerald green sparkler from Givenchy. Plus she’s Julianne Moore and pretty much can do no wrong in my books.

Let’s hope the Oscars really up the ante and bring some Fantastic Frock action.

jennifer lawrence sags felicity jones sag julianne moore sags

Notes : Photos : Lupita Nyong, MTV : Jennifer Lawrence, : Felicity Jones, Vogue : Julianne Moore,


2 thoughts on “SAG Awards : Frock Up Ladies”

  1. I am waiting for the time when Hollywood ‘stylists’ wake up to the fact that it’s 2015.
    So tired of old glamour being trotted out as stylish. You have to wonder just how much heft the horrendous Style Police have. Or is it just American v. the rest of the world sensibilities?


    • Well I was rather heartened to hear that quite a few stars are refusing to go on that ridiculous cam thing when it whirls around and checks them out in minute detail. As much as I do like having a look at the frocks, I think the whole red carpet fuss has hijacked the awards somewhat and of course the men aren’t asked the same ridiculous questions.


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