Sunday Ramblings : The Sad Case Of The Disappearing Dessert

Sunday Ramblings

I have been wallowing a little in my flu that really knocked me around recently.  Desperate to get out of the ‘sick house’ I took myself out for lunch on Friday.  I decided to go somewhere where I could sit outside and hopefully rid myself of my decidedly under the weather mood.  It was cold yet sunny and half the village seemed to be out and about. I had a decent lunch, nothing spectacular but as I’d been housebound for so long, practically anything would seem exciting. I read Vogue Paris and was content to get some Vitamin D on skin.  Dessert arrived in the form of a chocolate tart.  I remember thinking when it came to the table that I’d never finish it and then suddenly realised I’d polished off more than half in no time.  I pushed it to the side of the table but thought I’d probably go back to it after five minutes or so.

However it was not to be.  Some particularly forthright pigeons were running between the tables and decided to alight on mine.  The waiter was doing his best to clear them from the dining area, but really it was a losing battle. Suddenly four of them were on my table and eating my dessert.  Within about 15 seconds it was gone.  It has to be said that they caused quite a ruckus and I had to shift tables.

It did at least elevate the lunch into something slightly more eventful.

Have you ever had a disappearing dessert?

4 thoughts on “Sunday Ramblings : The Sad Case Of The Disappearing Dessert”

  1. mossfighter says:

    No, well only when my wife, The Divine Cook (TDC), makes one – then it disappears pretty quickly as we gorge ourselves on it. Our daughter is spending a year at university in Rennes, so we get to visit regularly, we do love French restaurants and cafes.
    Thanks for a fun post.


    • Hi mossfighter. Well hopefully TDC makes quite a few tempting desserts for you. I really couldn’t believe how quickly the pigeons devoured that dessert. C’etait incroyable!


  2. Laughed out loud!! It has to be said that the pigeons in said town are neither shy nor retiring.
    Each dish and patron are viewed as fair game. Perhaps a new attraction for the tourists – defensive eating??


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