Perfume News : I Have A Guest Post Up On cafleurebon : Ambre Fétiche My Lilac Wine

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Hi readers. I was pretty chuffed to be invited recently to provide a guest post on the New York perfume website cafleurebon.  If you haven’t visited this site, it really is a must read for perfume lovers. They have interesting perfume reviews of new releases and old favourites and are also very generous with giveaways.

I’ve written about my favourite amber perfume – Ambre Fétiche from Annick Goutal. This perfume is pretty much my amber soulmate in perfume terms. It’s a soulful, sensual smoky amber that always keeps me interested and on my toes.  The incense takes this perfume to another level and if you currently think of Annick Goutal‘s perfumes as falling in the floaty floral and eau de cologne camp, well try this one and put that thinking to rest.

Here’s the link :

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  1. I read theCafleurebon review! Loved it. I thought hooking Nina Simone into Ambre Fetiche was really apropos. Regrettably my Ambre Fetiche is nearly spent and L’Air du Desert Morocain gone, gone gone!! Thanks Megan for giving a voice to such delicious p.erfumes


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