My Scented Travel Memories

Life in France

Here’s a link to a short piece (a couple of paragraphs!) I wrote about my favourite scented travel memory from the French Riviera for the website Scent Corner.  Scent Corner has a great premise that I think is a brilliant idea.  It promotes sustainable and ethically sourced scented products from diverse cultures around the globe.  Their website is lovely, so go across and take a look at it if you get the chance.

My scented memory is about my favourite smell in the Riviera – the bitter orange blossom.  I miss it so much in winter and can’t wait for that heady, intoxicating brew that soulfully wafts around the gardens in the South of France in spring and summer.  It currently seems like a long way off but the trees do look rather lovely at the moment as the orange fruit is adding a much needed hint of colour to the slightly drab gardens in this neck of the woods.


2 thoughts on “My Scented Travel Memories”

  1. Let’s learn to make tarts! I have a laden couple of lemon trees here and one full topiary of orange and am staring at them scratching my head. I can’t think beyond juice and lemonade.


    • Could do – we could go all crafty re cooking. Apparently you can make wine out of the bitter orange, however that is just not bringing a nice taste to my mouth imagining it. How’s Day 2 going?


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