Golden Globes : Frock Up Ladies

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I really like having a peek at the frocks at the Golden Globes, Oscars, Baftas and other award season events.  Of course I like to note the awarded films, actors, actresses, TV shows etc but there’s also action on the red carpet.  I do find though that most play it safe on the night and choices can be very predictable.  There are usually stand outs though and last night didn’t disappoint.


Favourite Stylish Frock Winner : Julianne Moore in Givenchy.  She always nails it for me.  Plus I generally love her roles (Boogie Nights, End of the Affair, Maps to the Stars, The Big Lebowski, Children of Men etc).  She won the award for Golden Globe Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama last night for a fairly depressing sounding movie called Still Alice. I will probably watch it though just to see her performance.  The Givenchy ombre sequins and feather gown is superb.  Not boring, not too out there, just frocking perfect. Style all the way.

J Lo pose

Favourite Va Va Voom Diva Frock Winner : Really there is only one choice here.  I mean she did have a little competition from Kate Hudson but J Lo knocks it out of the park with this Ursula Andress styled  choice from Zuhair Murad.  Va Va Voom Supreme.  I’m not sure if I actually like it but she’s definitely accomplished her mission with this one.


Least Favourite Frock Winner : Ok always a tough choice as there are usually so many awful frocks on the red carpet considering the hefty price tags.  However I think Lana Del Ray‘s dress is fairly bad. Yes she’s going for the old school Monroe glamour but the colour isn’t working and the whole outfit just looks wrong and it’s really over styled.  Lana gets the nod because she could have done so much better.  There were plenty of other awful dresses though, Ruth Wilson (brilliant actress and award winner on the night) what were you thinking?

8 thoughts on “Golden Globes : Frock Up Ladies”

  1. Loved ‘frocking perfect’. I also loved ever-Miss Perfect Gwyneth’s dress. Sienna’s Miu Miu would have looked better with her old hair. Diane Kruger looked stunning. X


    • Diane Kruger was my number 2. I haven’t seen Gwyneth’s frock – will have a search now. Liked Sienna’s as well but totally agree with you on the hair!

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    • Yes Gwyneth’s frock was great. I do envy the girls that can do that low cleavage thing. Just not a happening thing in this neck of the woods.


      • What did you think of Lorde? I loved how she can pull off that whole bare midriff and trouser suit amongst all the girly-girls and look cute and beautiful at the same time. Imagine being able to do the mid-riff thing again.


      • Yes loved her look as well. I think that’s the best I’ve seen her. She was on my Top 10. Mmm mid riff is long gone. Although if we exercised incessantly and didn’t eat much there may be a chance … haha!

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  2. I love Emma Stones in her pannan. The best dress hade Diane Kruger, butiker I also like the siut worn by Eddie Redmayne., he always dresses …..☺


    • Diane Kruger was my second choice. She did look incredible. And as for Eddie i agree too! I did like Emma Stone’s outfit too.


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