Top 10 Favourite Pop Tunes 2014 : And A Playlist

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Here is my second list of favourite tunes from 2014 and only one more to go.  This Best Of List focuses on the pop genre.  Nothing like a popular tune to add a bit of sparkle to your days.  I resisted the allure of this genre for for a while, but now I am learning to fully embrace it with a passion. So my classifications may on occasion seem arbitrary and some tracks could fit onto one of my other lists … but that’s how it goes folks.


IMG_9340Bang Bang

1 : Lorde : Yellow Flicker Beat from the Mockingjay Hunger Games Part 1 : Yes I’ve already mentioned this one before in December Tunes and perhaps I’m biased as I’m a fellow New Zealander but this teenager has the goods.  It’s her best track yet.

2: Bang Bang : Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj : This three way vocal fight really gets the feet moving.  A stomping fast paced thrill.


3: Problem : Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea : Another good singalong with great vocals from Iggy. High feet tapping potential and annoyingly catchy.

4: Uptown Funk : Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars : I’ve already written about how this was the last song I heard before the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve.  A soul / funk workout that’s engagingly upbeat.


5: Sia : Chandelier : This Australian hit the big time with this anthemic number.  She is also a prolific songwriter for other artists such as Rhianna,  Beyonce, Katy Perry, Jessie J, Ne Yo, Birdy and many more.  Apparently it took only 14 minutes for her to write Diamonds for Rhianna!  She is also the go to voice for many a tune e.g Titanium with David Guetta that she of course wrote.  I first heard her voice when she worked with Zero 7, whose album Simple Things I absolutely loved when it came out way back in 2001. This album was everywhere in Auckland (where I was at the time). I didn’t click that this was her voice until recently though. Chandelier even though it has a rousing chorus and a super quirky, cool video is actually about alcoholism of which she is in recovery.  She is a reluctant star and has been known to perform with her back to the audience and has also been photographed wearing a paper bag on her head (see photo at the top). When I make a trip to the Doctor’s and am held captive in the waiting room, the music videos are relentlessly streamed, Chandelier always stands out for me amidst  the tedious, barely clothed grinding that usually takes over.   I must admit the boys in the household are a little less enthusiastic on the Sia front, and are not that happy when I sing along to her tracks.

IMG_94926: Cobra Starship ft Icona Pop : Never Been In Love : I know this is a little cheesy but I just love it.  Give it a whirl and you’ll see what I mean. Na Na Na Na Na Na.


7: Icona Pop : Get Lost : Icona Pop pop up again.  These Swedish gals provide cheer and smiles.


8: La Roux : Sexotheque : So La Roux’s latest album has crept up on me.  I like this track best so far.


9: Phantogram : Fall In Love : I really love this New York duo’s track and it could have easily appeared on any list. Dreamy electronic beats with a great melody.

10: Calvin Harris and Haim : Pray To God : OK so I admit I LOVE Haim so this has to be on the list.  Some of Calvin’s beats are a little on the cheesy side but this one rocks.

PS : Don’t you love it how you can easily look up song lyrics these days.  There’s no excuse to be singing incorrectly these days.

Cause I can’t stop wondering
If I was too late to see the signs
If I could go back with hands up
I’d look up to the sky


Photo of Sia with paper bag on head : New York Daily News

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