Have You Ever Made A Fizz Buy?

Fashion, Pop Culture

Fizz Buy : I had not heard this term until I was flicking through a UK Vogue. It refers to a somewhat frivolous purchase that brings a little joy and happiness due to its less serious nature. A Fizz Buy in all likelihood will not become a wardrobe staple and will not be something you will wear every day.  But instead of opting for the sensible black winter coat you’ll buy something that has a dash of colour, that you will probably get sick of but will light up your day whenever you wear it.

Here is a classic example of a recent Fizz Buy I made in the & Other Stories sale. Yes it is indeed a bright pink, age inappropriate jumper, yet when I put this on it really does feel like it’s delivering a healthy dose of Vitamin D. Surely the perfect state of mind going into winter.  I’m content to park the black jumpers for a while.

Have you ever made a Fizz Buy?