New Years Eve : Music Is Always The Key

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I trust dear readers that you had a fabulous New Years Eve celebration – whether subdued or exuberant. I had two of my favourite foodstuffs on hand for the occasion, that I have to admit has become slightly more  subdued  over time.  I love oysters and champagne (who doesn’t) so I was fairly content.  We had dinner with friends and it was very French, the oysters and champagne were abundant and the stewed rabbit as the main course was served after midnight!  Not something I can cook myself, I am still a bit wary of some of the delicacies in France.

Music television was humming in the background with a melange of old and new tunes with vocals in French and English that worked a treat.  It’s a truism that NYE and music go hand in hand.  Of all the NYEs I’ve experienced, and there have now been quite a few, music has always provided a key link in the chain of events.  One of my most memorable NYEs was back in 1999 when I was at a music event called The Gathering in Takaka at the top of the South Island in New Zealand.  The accommodation of the day was a flimsy pup tent and the rain was enthusiastically relentless.  Let’s be honest here it was hard work but the music did provide that required uplift (however it was to be my last music festival spent camping).

When you hear a great tune or orchestral symphony (or whatever takes your fancy) there’s nothing like the feeling of joy it brings.  Musicians and beat makers bring so much happiness to the world.  I salute the brilliant, talented people that light up our days and nights. I’ve even been thinking about learning an instrument again … I will keep you posted if this progresses beyond mere thought patterns.

Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars) was the last track I listened to before the clock struck 12. It’s  a global winner at the moment with its soul / funk vibe and is irrepressibly happy. One of those tracks the kids and adults can both love and a great tune to herald the New Year.

Hope 2015 is going well so far.



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