Bonne Année 2015 : La Première Balade

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I love a walk in the country and there’s nothing better to usher in the New Year than some time spent in the great outdoors.  Today we journeyed to La Plan de la Tour a small village near Sainte Maxime and explored the surrounding countryside.  Nothing of great note exists in this village, although it is beautiful and has that old world charm that runs riot through the South of France. Its main claim to fame is that Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis lived here when they were together.

It was a gorgeous blue sky, sunny morning with pitch perfect light. The walk was well timed to inhale some fresh air after the indulgences of the previous evening. The only eventful moment was when I got a tad excited taking photos of moss covered rocks and had a tiny tumble.  Apart from that it felt like a great start to 2015.

Happy New Years!  Bonne Année!

7 thoughts on “Bonne Année 2015 : La Première Balade”

  1. the way you describe it donne envie de visiter l’endroit surtout lorsque tu te trouves, like me , in snowy Canada. 🙂


  2. Such a good photo – I loved that village but didn’t get to see the countryside there.
    Looks gorgeous – not too cold yet. Watch out for that pesky moss next time!!!


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