Christmas Wishes …. and Which Perfume To Wear?

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It’s nearly time to hunker down and revel in the Christmas spirit.  Hopefully you’ll be spending time with friends and family. I’ll be having a French Christmas where it goes without saying that there will be a lot of food that I’ve never tried before, which all serves to broaden the tastebuds.  Rapid fire French will be spoken of which I will understand about 65% (that may be on the generous side), so it is always a slight challenge for me. That’s when I usually decide to have a few too many glasses of champagne ….

I’ve been thinking of the perfume to wear on the day.  I know this is weird perfume junkie / nerd behaviour. I no longer care as much about my clothing options – it’s all about the perfume these days.  I did write about 5 Serge Lutens choices for the festive season and I thought that Fille en Aiguilles would be a great choice for the actual day. However I have already drained my sample and there doesn’t appear to be a present under the tree that resembles the Lutens bottle shape.  And let’s be honest I usually buy my own Xmas present so it’s not left to chance.  This year I’ve ordered a bottle of Tea for Two by L’Artisan Parfumeur, although I suspect it may not arrive before the actual day.  I had wanted to try this and read a review from Tara at Olfactoria’s Travels that swung me so it’s a total blind buy.  I did get a really good deal on it though and who doesn’t make sure that they can buy perfume like this?  This hobby does not come cheap.

So far the front runners are:

Aomassai from Parfumerie Generale : a nutty gourmand with that something extra. One of my favourite perfume houses.  I know this is entirely inappropriate but if you haven’t seen a photo of Pierre Guillaume he is not only a talented perfumer but is also devilishly handsome.

No 22 from Chanel : One of my favourites from the line, this is a powerhouse floral, in a similar vein to No 5 but much better due to the inclusion of incense that really takes it to another level.  Plus unusually for a Chanel it has longevity and va va voom sillage.

Rozy EDP from Vero Profumo : Exquisitely gorgeous otherworldly scent from Vero.  Her perfumes have an unbearable lightness of being that shines through and they feel like a throwback to vintage, but delivered with an exquisitely modern touch.  They seem to stand head and shoulders above others.  She is super talented and a real inspiration, having started perfumery late in life.

Ambre Fetiche from Annick Goutal : This incense and amber powerhouse never fails to delight.  It is definitely in my list of top five ambers and if you think this house is all about light, pretty florals try this and be converted.

Then again, who knows on the day I might just go for something completely different.

Christmas wishes to you all and thinking of those spending the day alone without friends and family.

What will you be wearing? Eating? Drinking?

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