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Take a peek at my friend’s blog – Deux Pies. She writes about art, fashion, food, music, life and collectibles etc from a London / Provence perspective. Deux Pies has a great eye for what’s new and intriguing plus she writes like a pro. Like myself she has relocated to France with her family. We are old friends from university days in New Zealand and having her only an hour away has been a life saver for me as it can get a little lonely and frustrating when you are living in a new country with a foreign language (there are plenty of upsides though!)

This post on French 101 really strikes a chord as I am having exactly the same issues with the language. Like Deux Pies I’m going to start watching French movies each week to try and learn through immersion. I know a French man who moved to Scotland to learn English and apparently used the movie technique as well. It was highly successful for him. So here’s hoping that talking with the kids in French at the dinner table, watching French movies, engaging in long conversations with the locals and a little bit of private study will pay dividends.

2 thoughts on “French 101”

  1. I’m determined on my next visit my linga franchaise will be much improved!!
    Like Deus Pies I find the Michel Thomas audiotapes the best out there.
    No grammar; no formal sentence structure – just conversation. I do wonder about the accent – but I pick up phrases quickly. Merci, Michel.
    I’ve been to a couple of classes but haven’t enjoyed them.
    I just don’t enjoy anything too formal or competitive.
    Quite frankly I get more just hanging out at Pyrennes ( wonderful French deli in Auckland where most of the staff are French). They are very encouraging! French by osmosis and cafe creme!
    Not quite the immersion you have though!
    I’m going to check out the apps Deux Pies recommended – Duolingo & Babble.
    Anything to boost my confidence
    Maybe a friendly tutor??
    Wish me bonne chance!


    • Duolingo is good – highly recommend. Good luck! I’m still using that albeit infrequently. And I agree – Pyrenees would be ideal to get the exposure. But I’m going to watch The Intouchables tonight in French and try and stay focussed and not go on the internet at the same time. Quite a challenge these days. Or I’ll fall asleep – another occupational hazard of evening TV viewing.


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