Favourite French Things: Cerrone’s Disco Moves: “J’étais le Lady Gaga de mon époque”

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Get ready for some disco electronic beats from Cerrone – musician and producer extraordinaire. He was a disco king in the 70’s and if you want to listen to someone who has been hugely influential particularly in electronica look no further.  Think Daft Punk, Dimitri in Paris, Nile Rodgers, Bob Sinclair ….. Plus DJ’s in recent years have stamped a modern twist on his beats bringing his music to new generations.  It’s like Kraftwerk on happy pills that you can actually dance to.  Back in the day of course you’d definitely be grooving along to Cerrone at Studio 54. 

A new release this month entitled Best of Cerrone Productions (Because Music) featuring his best ofs and treatments by DJ’s, as well as interpretations by modern artists is going to be on my December playlist. Beth Ditto along with The Shoes have reworked Supernaturehis most well-known sci-fi tinged track released in 1977. Ditto’s raw vocals definitely bring something new to the track.  Other gems such as Love in C Minor are there as well.  Don’t you just love the cheesy un PC artwork – so 70’s.

“Well, every few years I have a DJ who remixes or releases some of my old music, so the radio plays new stuff, but also, plays the old stuff with a new style, and the DJ puts me right on the floor where I have to be.” Jean Marc Cerrone  

The slightly quirky video shown below for Supernature is fabulous and you can’t help thinking that he was ahead of his time with this strange little treat.



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  1. Disco – headbands; workout gear; Donna Summers: Saturday Night Fever and of course John Travolta dancing his socks off.
    That’s what it means to me.


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