Favourite French Things: La Poésie

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Poetry plays quite a role in education in the early years at school in France.  My kids often come home with a poem they are required to learn by heart for homework (les devoirs).  It helps to build memory and concentration as well as verbal skills.  And of course they are learning some French writing and the power of words and story telling.

In French class we read this poem (pour conjugaison).  Poignant.


Dejeuner du matin – Jacques Prevért

Il a mis le café

Dans la tasse

Il a mis le lait

Dans la tasse de café

Il a mis le sucre

Avec la petite cuiller

Il a tourné

Il a bu le café au lait

Et il a reposé la tasse

Sans me parler

Il a allumé

Une cigarette

Il a fait des ronds

Avec la fumée

Il a mis les cendres

Dans le cendrier

Sans me parler

Sans me regarder

Il s’est levé

Il a mis

Son chapeau sur sa tête

Il a mis

Son manteau de pluie

Parce qu’il pleuvait

Et il est parti

Sous la pluie

Sans une parole

Sans me regarder

Et moi j’ai pris

Ma tête dans ma main

Et j’ai pleuré

6 thoughts on “Favourite French Things: La Poésie”

  1. Love that the boys memorize poems. Gerard Manly Hopkins/WB Yeats/ Dickinson painted pictures for me that have resonated down the years.


    • Isn’t it grand for the boy and it’s nice to know that the boys will have some appreciation. Maybe your poetry knowledge could be passed down?


  2. You can always introduce them to the art of the limerick! (More fun than the haiku).

    I know of 2 boys in France
    Who declare,’ We do love to dance’
    They sway and they swing
    And jump round in a ring
    But I think they have arnts in their parnts


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