Sunday Ramblings : Sometimes Finishing A Book Is Hard Work

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Have you struggled to get through a book when you have other literary gems waiting for you?


So I’m a Game of Thrones junkie like most people around the world, and can’t wait for the next season to be wrapped so I can actually watch it.   So while I’m in limbo on that one I thought I’d read the books. Well that’s all well and good but have you seen the size of them? They’re fairly weighty and are veeeeery long. In fact I’ve never read this sort of genre before and I’m not even sure what you’d call it. Is it fantasy? If theTV series didn’t exist I’m pretty sure I would never have picked up these books even for a perusal let alone a purchase. The covers are not something that would typically draw me in, actually they would be more likely to repel me and I would think  – AVOID! Well there we go my prejudices have been broken down.


Reading pile – see how massive those GOT books are

So I’m on the last book that George RR Martin has written, A Dance with Dragons so am now well past what they’re covering on the TV series. However I’ve been reading this one for at least two months as I’m finding it difficult to sustain interest and then I get dragged away to something else – usually lots of internet time wasting. I’ve also got 3 books lined up and waiting for me on the book pile – The Luminaries by young NZ writer Eleanor Catton (which is also very lengthy), The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and The Bone Clocks from David Mitchell.

So I’m up to page 736 on A Dance with Dragons and really I’ve only got another 300 pages to go so this week I’m going to make a concerted effort to finish it so I can move onto greener pastures. For some reason I need to always ensure that I’ve finished a book before I start another one, even if I’m not loving it. I’m not sure that this is normal behaviour. I also often sit through movies that I’m not enamoured of just to see if things are going to get better. The only film that I have ever walked out of was the Dancer in the Dark by Lars Von Trier – a truly bleakly depressing film that the brilliant Bjork and Catherine Deneuve could not save.  Note that it does score an 8 on IMDB so I’m obviously in the minority on this one.


Goodbye Encens Flamboyant

With perfume, if I find I’m not getting the necessary effect from the bottle I very easily flick it along to someone who will care for it better than myself so this stubborn / stupid line of behaviour does not rule every facet of my life. Recently I put a bottle of Encens Flamboyant (Annick Goutal) that just wasn’t fully working for me on ebay and that was that.

So do you always make a point of finishing a book or do you just gladly put it down and start another?

Have you walked out of a movie?

What books do you have on your reading list? I’m always on the lookout for new ideas on the reading front.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Ramblings : Sometimes Finishing A Book Is Hard Work”

  1. Hi Megan,

    Some lovely questions for a lazy Sunday. The only film I ever walked out of was Born on the Fourth of July. I felt it made a good point, but then kept making it until it felt like bad hypnosis.

    One recent book I just gave up on was Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall. I wanted to like it, really I did, but it was such hard work I found it was a chore. I’m not alone either, many people agreed with my Amazon review. I am used to heavy going books- I did English at university, but this felt like homework so I gave up!

    I feel that if I am not engaged after 84 pages, it’s the author’s fault rather than mine, so I never feel guilty!

    great blog.

    warm wishes


  2. Hi Sam – thanks so so much for reading and commenting. I have to say now that I’ve done a few posts I really admire the work you do on your blog and your rapid rate of posting. Seriously I am in awe of what you do. It has taken me quite a lot of playing around with WordPress to say the least to even get this far and I’m just hoping it gets slightly easier as time goes by.

    The Fourth of July is a bit of a blast from the past – Tom Cruise in a wheelchair is the most that I recall about that one. Now I’m afraid we must diverge on Wolf Hall. I loved it but I admit it’s not a light read and I remember that it did take quite a while to get into it as well. You’ll definitely want to avoid the next one in the series, Bring Up The Bodies as I thought it didn’t quite match the first.



  3. Hi Megan. George R R Martin does good narrative. But I agree with you.
    The TV series have made the books more accessible. The characters are archetypal but well rounded and complex and the blood and gore translate well on screen. But yes, the fantasy genre is a strange one.
    I’m with you on the covers too. But take it from me – the genre is hugely popular in Libraries – even more so with adult graphic novels.
    My test was Lord of the Rings. Forty years ago – teeny tiny print. I was uncomfortable with all the heroics and lack of women. But again – ripping narrative and themes of very clear cut good versus evil. Interesting that it isn’t considered fantasy – at least not in our library – it’s shelved in ‘general fiction’ Interesting??????????
    I’m reading the latest book of Richard Zimler – The Nightwatch.
    This examines the complex nature of shame of the past and how as we are constantly changing we rewrite our own narrative. He is an erudite and accomplished author.Loved every one of his books.
    Knowing how you’re following the Ebola epidemic – you may fine Geraldine Brook’s A Year of Wonders interesting. Based on a true story it retells how English villagers made a courageous decision to impose quarantine. Gripping and heartbreaking.

    Have I ever walked out of a movie? Judge Dredd with Sly. Couldn’t, just could not do it.
    Looking forward to your next entry.

    Love Llonia


    • Hi! That book by Geraldine Brook sounds good. I’m going to check it out.

      I have to say I’ve never read Lord of the Rings (don’t shoot) – the films were enough for me! And NZ, Air NZ, Tourism NZ went so gaga over them, all the publicity put me off a bit.

      Isn’t there a Judge Dredd movie with Karl Urban? Is this the same or different?



    • OK thanks for the correct title. Anything with Sly is usually unintentionally hilarious. I did catch a bit of Rambo the other evening on the tele in French. Apparently his best movie!


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